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10 Top Tips for Obtaining Bouncy Castle Insurance

Do you own a bouncy castle that you hire out to the public or have you organised an event where you’ll have a bouncy castle or other leisure equipment? If so, read on for our ten top tips about bouncy castle insurance.

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You are hosting an event that will feature a bouncy castle; then you may require a liability insurance policy.

1). Public liability insurance if you’re organising an event with a bouncy castle.

You are hosting an event that will feature a bouncy castle; then you may require a liability insurance policy. If you are responsible and your business is considered accountable for your attendees using the equipment, and then something does go wrong, you could find yourself liable. Check with the person you’re hiring your bouncy castle from to see if their insurance covers you for any injuries sustained. If you’re not sure, speak to an insurance broker that specialises in leisure insurance such as FML Insurance. Don't forget if you are supplying a castle to an event some, especially local councils will require a minimum level of cover, it's always worth checking.

2). Public liability insurance is a necessity for bouncy castle operators.

Any physical activity has the potential to cause an injury. Unfortunately, these injuries can be severe and often result in a claim. Hiring out bouncy castles can be a great business venture. However, public liability insurance is a must. It covers your legal costs should a lawsuit be filed for negligence on your part for any damage to property or injury caused by something directly connected with your business. Ensure you have the correct level of cover to protect your business – a minimum level of recommended cover is £2million, however, most of our markets offer £5 million as the standard for the same premium.

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It's all fun and games until someone loses a leg!

3). Employer's Liability is a Legal Requirement don't neglect it.

If you employ any members of staff whether they are full-time, part-time, temporary or even voluntary, your bouncy castle business will need to have employers liability insurance; you are legally obliged to hold employer’s liability. With fines of up to £2000 for every day you are found to be operating with employees and insufficient cover.

4). Cover lost expenses and earnings with event cancellation insurance.

A cancelled event can be a financial nightmare for some operators; event cancellation insurance will protect you from the cost of expenses or lost revenue.

5). Protect yourself from times when you can’t work with business interruption insurance.

Summer will be your busiest time. What happens if you suffer an injury and have no one to take over or your equipment is damaged or lost? Business interruption insurance protects your livelihood against the possible loss of earnings which can be quite significant during the busy season.

6). Next, don’t let criminals stop you from working.

Stolen inflatables are commonplace, should this occur you won’t be able to trade. Make your equipment as secure as you can. The right leisure insurance policy will enable you to replace your valuable equipment reasonably quickly so you can return to making a living.

The most effective way to reduce your insurance premiums is to pay strict attention to safety.

7). Damaged equipment can cost you valuable revenue.

Deliberate or accidental damage to your bouncy castle could leave you short. Repairs can be costly not to mention the money you may lose while the equipment is unavailable so having cover for your inflatables should they be damaged would be a good idea and will cover the cost in most part to any repairs that are needed.

8). Specialist brokers ensure you have the right insurance cover for your business.

Every business is different, and bespoke insurance cover that protects you correctly is essential. Why overpay for insurance cover you do not need? Don't fall for special offers of free extras if they have no part to play in the make-up of your business. Shop around ask questions and get the correct cover for the right provider.

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Don't leave gaps or holes in your insurance cover

9). Security and safety are vital to staying claim free.

The most effective way to reduce your insurance premiums is to pay strict attention to safety. Safety includes regular maintenance and inspection of your equipment, so it is fit for use. Another thing to think about is how safe the conditions are. For example, never operate your inflatable in adverse weather such as high winds. Risk assessments are a useful way to see potential accidents before they happen and put something in place to help avoid them. We have a free risk assessment sheet you can use for this, and you may download it from the link at the top of the page

10). Shop around for cheap bouncy castle insurance.

Next, take some time to shop around. Just like a car or home insurance policy, the cost of bouncy castle insurance varies between different providers. To be sure you’re getting the best price, shop around by contacting as many different insurance providers as you can.

We hope you find this top tips list helpful and should you not have time yourself to shop around for the best cover and premium, perhaps our brokers could do it for you?

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