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When it comes to arranging your business insurance each year it can be quite a time-consuming task
Listing your details, answering questions about your business and then having to rinse and repeat with every broker or insurer you speak to amounts to a lot of your time being consumed.

Your time, just like anyone's has a value and more often than not could be better spent obtaining new business, it's no wonder many business owners often just accept a quote after only speaking to one or two brokerages.

We thought that in order to serve our business clients better and save them time and money, we'd put together these 3 simple steps that when applied to your business each year will save you a lot of time.

1. Keep a detailed list of all your equipment and assets (staff, fleet, machinery, equipment, buildings etc.) you can keep this in any format usable on PC such as .txt .csv .doc and keep it updated, when it comes time to renew or arrange your insurance you won't have to answer, list or enter all of these details when speaking to your broker, if you use an online quote facility it's a lot easier to copy and paste than type everything out.

2. If you fill out a proposal form or are given a completed proposal form (usually after your first quote) keep a copy you can then send this to your broker or other brokers via email for obtaining more quotes.

3. Last but not least and probably one of the most important things to remember is if there is a change in your circumstances or equipment update your broker straight away. When it comes time to renew your insurance all you simply have to tell your broker is your details are up to date and to obtain a renewal quote using your current data.

Just a short one today but hopefully a very useful article, we hope it helps save you time each year.

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