34 Top tricks professional car valeters don't want you to know!

I don't know about you but me personally I hate driving around in a dustbin. Regardless of your level of slobbishness, it's important to keep your car clean. However, paying for a detailer to make it pristine can be a costly affair, at the same time doing it yourself can also be expensive not to mention taking up your precious time.

With that in mind we have been looking at tricks and tips that will help you get it done with less fuss and cost. These easy and inexpensive ideas will help you make your car sparkle inside and out without using up a whole weekend. The techniques shown are proven tips from around the world, and some can be used in other areas of cleaning such as in your home.

Acidic Cleaners Vinegar
Vinegar and Lemon are great substances for cleaning

Acidic based items such as lemons and vinegar are great for many clean-up operations. Household cleaning products aren't just for cleaning around indoors. While these may seem obvious we've also added in some ideas you probably never thought of; I know we didn't.

Returning your vehicle to that just off the showroom floor look and smell can feel highly rewarding and incredibly satisfying, but as well as that, it can help you retain some of its value too. These tricks work on older and multi-vehicles also.

We have broken the guide down into four sections Interior, Exterior, Glass and Detailing so if you need a particular solution it should be easier to find one. Okay, let's get started, use the navigation buttons below to jump from one section to another. Happy cleaning.

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