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Airsoft Insurance

Airsoft Operators Insurance

Airsoft insurance for field operators arranged by Primo plc. All insurance is placed with top UK insurers and policy conditions are tailored to you and your business.

Arranged by Primo

Required Insurance

FML (now part of Primo) were approached by one of the founding members of UKARA and the Largest Airsoft Operators in the Country (Ground Zero Airsoft).

Father and son Dan and Neal Collins were unhappy that most insurers paid no specific attention to the demands and needs of Airsoft Site Operators, who simply saw Airsoft as the same as paintball businesses- offering terms which couldn't be complied with.

After months speaking to both Neal Collins and our insurers, FML was delighted to announce the launch of a specific Airsoft Field Insurance Policy tailored to cover all eventualities relating to Airsoft Operators. The Policy incorporates health & safety guidelines approved by a key UKARA member.

The aim is to encourage high standards of health and safety which not only protects your business in the event of an incident but also allows for extremely competitive premiums.

  • Public Liability

    Protects you and your business financially against claims made by third parties for injury or loss or damage to property as a result of negligence.

  • Employers Liability

    Employer's liability is a legal requirement in the UK whether you hire paid or voluntary staff on a permanant or temporary basis. There are some exemptions.

Commercial Combined Cover Extensions

Click a listed cover option for more information such as why you may or may not need this extra cover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need public liability insurance?

    Whilst not a legal requirement we highly recommend you obtain this cover to protect you against the costs and damages claims arising from a negligent act causing injury or damage to a third party. It gives you that peace of mind to know that in the event of a claim you have your insurer defending and protecting you.
  • Is business insurance a legal requirement?

    Most business insurance is not a legal requirement, however, we do highly recommend you obtain this cover to protect you against the costs and damages claims arising from a negligent act causing injury or damage to a third party or resulting fire, weather related incidents or a break in. It gives you that peace of mind to know that in the event of a claim you have your insurer defending and protecting you.

    The only insurance that your business is legally obliged to obtain is employers liability and vehicle insurance.

  • Can I pay in monthly instalments?

    You can pay monthly subject to your status and the size of the premium the credit charge and terms will vary.
  • What if I need to change my level of cover?

    As an existing client you can call or email us with any changes during business hours and get advice on the changes you wish to make.

  • If I need to make a claim who should I contact?

    First and foremost always contact your insurer, should you need assistance or advice following that call speak to your broker who will be happy to assist you where they can.

Help with choosing the right cover options for your business.

A brief description of either cover included or extensions to your cover that can be added. Please ask your broker to confirm which cover you have and to arrange the extensions you require.

Theft/Damage Cover for your Gaming Equipment

Cover for gaming equipment that is either damaged or stolen for more details on the full extent of this cover and any exclusions that may apply please speak to your assigned broker.

Buildings and Contents

What is Covered? Your buildings, fixtures and fittings: including gates, fences, car parks, as well as underground cables and pipes. It may also include cover for stock and cash on the premises and in some cases it can also provide for seasonal stock increases free of charge.

Business Interruption

If your business needs to close after a disaster like a flood or a fire, perhaps even after a forced entry business interruption insurance covers the shortfall in your business' income.

Goods in Transit

This will cover stock and equipment that is being transported from point A to point B. There may be exclusions such as equipment must not be left in the vehicle overnight. Please speak to your broker for more details.
Covers the cost associated with obtaining legal advice and/or the costs involved when bringing or defending a court case. The policy conditions and the amounts covered vary from insurers so check with your broker.

Personal Accident and Assault

There are several different types of personal accident cover. Personal accident only, group accident, personal accident sickness and personal accident assault all with varying levels of cover. Speak to your broker to see which policy cover options are open to you. The cover may be included or obtainable as a stand-alone policy.

Glass Cover

Covers emergency call out to fix or replace damaged windows and door glass.
Excess Protection

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