April Fools Day at Work

Grin and Bear it!

Not long now and April the 1st will be here and we all know what that means don't we? Yes, April Fools day. I thought I share some classics and hopefully, you will too and if I see a prank well worth the time I'll try it out on some of my unsuspecting co-workers. Co-workers you have been warned.

This is a good test to see how many of my colleagues actually take the time to read our blog, I pity the fool that doesn't, muah ha ha haaaa! I have subjected and have been the subject of some awesome practical jokes over the years and I'm hoping this year will be extra special.

Some of my all time favourites are so well known now they are literally the right of passage for many young unsuspecting employees. Here are my top golden oldies.

1. Send them to a hardware store or B&Qs for a skirting board ladder, some elbow grease, striped paint, long weight or a short weight if they haven't a long one in stock. The only problem with this one is unless you trail them the only person to get a laugh will be the staff of the store they head to.

2. Phone pranks are often a great way to prank a colleague, I have been caught out by this one some years ago. I was working at FML Insurance in admin at the time I had just come back from lunch and there was a note on my desk apparently a client I was meant to call back. I dialled the number and read the name of the person I wanted to talk to, A women answered and I asked to speak to Hugh, she asked me what his surname was as they had 3 Hughs. This is the point I suspected it was a prank but you never know. His surname was Jass, Hugh Jass, as soon as I said the female voice at the other end squealed and I realised it was a colleague in accounts, nice one guys.

3. This one sort of started my career in IT, well I thought I couldn't do any worse. Laser mouse had just come out and several people in the office were boasting about their new mouse and how wonderful it was, no more cleaning out a dirty trackball. One particular colleague was being a pain about it, so just before I went home I did the obligatory sticking a piece of paper over the laser so it wouldn't work. What got me into trouble was the fact I wasn't in until lunchtime the next day and after finding his wonderful new mouse not working the IT team had spent 3 hours trying to figure it out. I found it hilarious right up until the boss called me in to discuss wasting employees time.

4. I come from a land down under. This is another IT favourite one of those little treats you drop on technophobic employees. You simply set their desktop orientation upside down and watch when they return and everything is back to front and topsy-turvy, good for 10 minutes giggle fest.

5. Scare tricks are ok but I think they aren't as sophisticated but like the bear above, if pulled off right they can be real classics. Always be wary of surroundings and the person's disposition and health the last sort of backfire you need at work is having to call paramedics.

6. Another good one is getting some toy figurines of someone's favourite film and supergluing them all over their workstation, nothing like seeing their face when they return to their desk covered in Shopkins or Smurfs and then watch as they try and remove them.

Well, I have to go and start preparing, preparation is the key to some of the best pranks played out in the workplace. I hope you have some of your own, let us know on our Facebook page, happy pranking.

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