Are You Paying Too Much For Your Home Insurance?

Sometimes what we take for granted or often expect others to know or understand isn't always the case. Here is something, perhaps you might already know and well if you don't you'll definitely be better off for knowing. Obtaining home insurance is simple these days but are you covered correctly or are you paying too much?

Something I have recently learnt by becoming part of the Primo plc team and that is the correct way to insure your home, buildings and contents. I was quite surprised to learn that something as easy as obtaining home insurance is fraught with pitfalls. Obtaining home insurance is a pretty simple task, isn't it? With a myriad of ways to go about it and many of us arranging insurance online these days in a matter of minutes, it might come as a surprise how many are indeed either paying too much or not enough.

In this digital age, everything is easier to obtain and sometimes with just a few clicks of your mouse button. When it comes to insurance though you'd be better off speaking to a professional. Do you, like many, use the purchase price of your property as its value? I know it may sound daft to some of you but many do and they don't realise they are now paying more for their insurance than they have to. See, the correct way to value your property for insurance purposes is the cost of rebuilding not the value of the land as well and to find out it's as easy as going to the Building Cost Information Service.

Did you also know that your collections, artwork or those family heirlooms and treasured antiques will require a proper valuation? Many of us don't even realise the value of something like a collection as we don't concern ourselves with that we're normally more obsessed with making our collection complete or getting that next item to expand it. But when it comes time to insure the contents of our properties we often overlook these things, much to our own peril. You should always conduct a room by room inventory and for those collections, collectables, artworks and antiques you really should get into the habit of having them appraised on a regular basis. Primo plc recommends Gurr Johns who are the largest independent valuation specialists.

So, when it comes time to renew your home, buildings and contents insurance hopefully now you'll be a little better armed and if not you can always pick up the phone or pop into Primo plc for a chat their property specialists will help you make sure you are covered correctly and not paying over the o

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