Avoid SEO Pitfalls, Understanding SEO a Business Guide

As a business owner, you need to understand SEO and the reasons why are quite simple. Even if you hire someone else to optimise your website and social media, understanding SEO allows you to make informed decisions without relying on having to trust a third party and trust is a big part of why you should at least have a basic understanding, it will enable you to avoid the many pitfalls of bad SEO services and scams and ultimately will help to protect your business online.

Most business owners are intelligent and know their own business, it doesn't take a genius to understand what SEO is but when you have no idea it can be a very difficult process sorting out the lies and outdated information from the truth and current facts. Where do you start?

Well, this is why I thought it might be useful to write an in-depth basic SEO guide for business owners, the guide will cover all the areas of SEO and what you can expect from anyone you intend to pay money to for SEO services. The guide doesn't tell you how to do SEO that could cover several books and guides depending on business type etc. What it does do is tell you what goes into SEO, what areas you should be looking at and where to take action to boost your rankings.

It also covers bad SEO also called black hat techniques and why to avoid them. Many bad SEO services promise the world and deliver in the short term and then when Google catches up with all the bad techniques that have been applied to your website, you and your business suffer. If nothing else I wanted to help put a stop to that and to help businesses improve their online presence.

Download the guide, there are no strings attached, you may call me crazy but I don't even want your email address so I can market to you, later on. That's not how we roll at FML Insurance Services all (update: Now Primo plc) I ask is if you found the guide useful please come and give our page a like at https://www.facebook.com/fmlinsure/

Here is the link to the PDF Business Owner's guide to SEO.

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