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Bricklayers Insurance: Comprehensive Solutions Arranged by Experts

Liability insurance arranged by experienced brokers, bricklayers insurance policies and quotes obtained from top UK insurers for sole traders and small to medium companies who work within the construction industry.

Understanding the Importance of Bricklayers Insurance

Bricklayer checking his work with a spirit level
At the heart of every comprehensive bricklayers insurance policy lie two critical components: public liability and employers liability insurance. These insurances are indispensable for safeguarding your business interests and complying with legal obligations within the construction industry.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance serves as a robust financial shield for you and your business against claims arising from third parties due to injury, property damage, or financial losses resulting from your negligence. In the dynamic environment of construction work, unforeseen accidents or mishaps can occur, making public liability insurance a cornerstone of risk management for bricklayers and construction firms alike.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance is not just prudent—it's a legal mandate in the UK for businesses employing staff, including paid or voluntary workers, on either a permanent or temporary basis. This insurance protects your business against compensation claims arising from employees' illnesses or injuries sustained while carrying out work under your employ. Compliance with this legal requirement is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure financial protection for your workforce and business operations.

Exemptions and Considerations

While employers liability insurance is generally mandatory, there are exemptions for certain situations, such as employing close family members or operating as a sole trader without employees. However, it's essential to understand the nuances of these exemptions and ensure adequate protection for all foreseeable risks within your bricklaying business.
By prioritising public and employers liability insurance within your bricklayers insurance policy, you not only mitigate financial risks but also demonstrate a commitment to safety and legal compliance in the construction sector.

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Common Bricklayers Insurance Cover Options

How can teaming up with a professional insurance broker benefit bricklayers in finding the right insurance cover?

Teaming up with a professional insurance broker offers bricklayers several advantages. Primo brokers have in-depth knowledge of the insurance market and can help you navigate complex policy terms, coverage options, and exclusions.
We can assess the specific risks faced by bricklayers and recommend tailored insurance solutions that match their needs and budget. Brokers also have access to multiple insurers, allowing bricklayers to compare quotes and secure competitive premiums.
Additionally, we provide ongoing support, including claims assistance and policy reviews, to ensure bricklayers maintain adequate coverage as their business evolves.

Bricklayer Insurance FAQ: Protect Your Building Projects and Business | Primo

  • What is bricklayer insurance, and why is it important?

    Bricklayer insurance is a specialised insurance policy tailored for bricklayers and construction businesses, providing cover against various risks specific to their industry. It is important as it helps protect businesses from financial losses due to accidents, injuries, property damage, and legal liabilities.
  • What are the core components of bricklayer insurance?

    The core components of bricklayer insurance typically include public liability insurance, employers' liability insurance, tools and equipment cover, and optional add-ons such as professional indemnity insurance and business interruption insurance.
  • Is public liability insurance necessary for bricklayers?

    Yes, public liability insurance is essential for bricklayers as it covers financial liabilities arising from third-party injury or property damage during work activities. It protects against legal claims and compensation costs.
  • What does employers' liability insurance cover for bricklayers?

    Employers' liability insurance covers bricklayers against claims from employees for work-related injuries or illnesses. It is a legal requirement in the UK for businesses with employees, including bricklayers hiring temporary or permanent staff.
  • Are tools and equipment covered under bricklayer insurance?

    Yes, most bricklayer insurance policies include cover for tools and equipment used in the course of work. This coverage helps repair or replace tools and equipment damaged, lost, or stolen during work activities.
  • Can bricklayer insurance cover damage to third-party property?

    Yes, bricklayer insurance, particularly public liability insurance, covers damage to third-party property caused during work activities. It includes costs for repairs, replacement, or compensation for property damage.
  • What is professional indemnity insurance, and do bricklayers need it?

    Professional indemnity insurance covers bricklayers against claims of professional negligence, errors, or omissions resulting in financial losses to clients. While not mandatory, it is beneficial for bricklayers offering consultancy or design services.
  • Does bricklayer insurance cover subcontractors?

    Bricklayer insurance may cover subcontractors depending on the policy terms. It's crucial to clarify with insurers whether subcontractors are automatically covered or require separate insurance arrangements.
  • What is the typical excess/deductible for bricklayer insurance claims?

    The excess or deductible for bricklayer insurance claims varies depending on the policy and insurer. It is important to review policy details to understand the excess amount applicable to different types of claims.
  • Can bricklayer insurance cover business interruption due to unforeseen events?

    Yes, some bricklayer insurance policies offer business interruption cover, providing financial support for lost income and ongoing expenses if work is interrupted due to insured perils such as fire, flood, or storm damage.
  • Are legal expenses covered under bricklayer insurance policies?

    Yes, bricklayer insurance policies often include cover for legal expenses incurred in defending against claims or pursuing legal action related to insured incidents. It helps mitigate the financial burden of legal proceedings.
  • Do bricklayers need insurance if they are self-employed?

    Yes, even self-employed bricklayers should have insurance coverage such as public liability insurance to protect against potential claims from clients, third parties, or employees (if applicable).
  • Can bricklayer insurance cover work carried out at multiple construction sites?

    Yes, many bricklayer insurance policies can be tailored to cover work carried out at multiple construction sites. It's important to inform insurers about the nature and locations of work activities to ensure appropriate coverage.
  • Is there a minimum level of public liability insurance required for bricklayers?

    While there is no specific minimum level mandated by law, bricklayers should consider adequate public liability coverage based on the scale of their projects, potential risks, and contractual requirements with clients or contractors.
  • Can bricklayer insurance cover damage caused by faulty workmanship?

    Some bricklayer insurance policies may include cover for damage caused by faulty workmanship or defective materials. It's important to review policy details and exclusions related to work quality and standards.
  • Are temporary workers covered under employers' liability insurance for bricklayers?

    Yes, temporary workers hired by bricklayers are typically covered under employers' liability insurance as long as they are engaged in work activities under the bricklayer's direction and control.
  • Can bricklayer insurance cover losses due to theft or vandalism?

    Yes, bricklayer insurance policies often include coverage for losses due to theft or vandalism of tools, equipment, and materials. It helps mitigate financial losses and ensures continuity of work.
  • How can bricklayers ensure they get the best deal on insurance coverage?

    Bricklayers can secure the best insurance deal by comparing quotes from multiple insurers to understand cover options, premiums, and excess amounts. They should also review policy terms, including cover limits, exclusions, and additional benefits, to ensure it aligns with their specific business needs. Additionally, implementing risk management practices such as maintaining a safe work environment, investing in security measures for tools and equipment, and demonstrating a strong claims history can help negotiate lower premiums and favourable policy terms.
  • What should bricklayers consider when comparing insurance quotes and policies?

    When comparing insurance quotes and policies, bricklayers should consider cover limits, exclusions, excess amounts, additional benefits or add-ons, insurer reputation, customer service quality, and overall value for their specific business needs.

Help with choosing the right cover options for your business.

Below you will find cover and add-on policies you may need to correctly cover your business. It is just a selection and as always we advise speaking to a broker to obtain the best advice possible.
Measuring and cutting wood with circular saw for a construction contract

Contract Works

Some construction projects you undertake will make you responsible for partially completed work. For instance, you're in the middle of building a house, and a flood destroys the work you have done. Contract Works Insurance could cover the cost of redoing that work. Your broker will help you determine the right level of cover needed.
yellow loading shovel covered by plant insurance

Own Plant & Tools

Provided cover is for the replacement of your tools, plant and equipment due to theft, loss or damage. Typically included in a contractors' all risks policy.
Employee's toolbox with a selection of tools inside

Employee's Tools

Covers the cost of replacement of employees tools which have been stolen, lost or damaged. The amount covered may be for a fixed amount and will depend on the insurer.
Man sat in the crane cab on building site
Covers the replacement value of hired-in plant and equipment. Hire companies will normally insist on some type of cover to be in place before hire commences.
Corner of a blue portaloo

Temporary Buildings

Whether it's a portacabin or a row of portaloos most construction sites have temporary buildings. Temporary buildings cover often provided with a C.A.R. policy covers loss or damage to these temporary structures and may cover any plant or tools stored in them.
Builder checking architect's plans

Architect's Plans

Covers the cost of replacement due to loss or damage of architects drawings. Usually covered as part of a contractors all risks policy.
Cement lorry delivering to building site


The materials you use on site can be expensive to replace, so ensuring your sums insured covers the replacement cost of your materials is essential. Typically materials will be covered under a contractors all risks policy.

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