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Building Contractors Insurance

Insurance for Construction Businesses

"Discover a variety of construction insurance options from reputable UK A-rated insurers. Our brokerage specialises in crafting tailored company schemes that cover every aspect of your business. Our dedicated team handles the details, ensuring you receive precisely the right coverage from our wide range of market options at competitive premiums."

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Comprehensive Protection for Construction Professionals

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Building contractors are vital in the construction industry, managing projects ranging from residential homes to commercial buildings. However, construction work exposes contractors to risks, making robust insurance coverage essential. UK Building Contractors Insurance addresses these risks and protects contractors, businesses, and projects.
Core Components:
Public Liability Insurance: This foundational coverage protects building contractors against claims of third-party injury or property damage during construction activities. It covers legal, compensation, and related expenses, providing financial security against unforeseen liabilities.
Employers' Liability Insurance: Legally mandated for businesses with employees, employers' liability insurance not only safeguards contractors against claims from employees for work-related injuries or illnesses but also ensures compliance with UK law. It provides a safety net, protecting contractors from potentially substantial compensation claims and reassuring you of legal compliance.
Contract Works Insurance: Also known as Contractors All Risks (CAR) insurance, this type of insurance protects ongoing construction projects against damage or loss due to dangers such as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and accidental damage. It covers materials, equipment, and the worksite, mitigating financial losses during construction phases. This type of insurance is essential for large-scale projects, such as commercial buildings, where the potential for financial loss is significantly higher.
Tools and Equipment Insurance:Construction projects rely heavily on specialised tools, machinery, and equipment. This insurance covers repair or replacement costs for damaged, lost, or stolen tools and equipment during work activities, ensuring uninterrupted project progress.
Additional Coverages:
Professional Indemnity Insurance: Recommended for contractors providing design, consultancy, or advisory services, professional indemnity insurance protects you financially against claims of professional negligence, errors, or omissions. It covers legal costs and compensation for financial losses resulting from faulty advice or services.
Business Interruption Insurance: Construction delays due to insured perils can impact project timelines and revenue streams. Business interruption insurance provides financial support for lost income, ongoing expenses, and additional costs incurred during project downtime, helping contractors maintain financial stability.
Legal Expenses Insurance: Construction projects may involve contractual disputes, legal challenges, or regulatory issues. Legal expenses insurance covers legal fees, court costs, and other legal expenses associated with defending legal actions or pursuing claims related to construction activities.

Tailored Coverage and Risk Management:

UK Building Contractors Insurance is highly adaptable, allowing brokers to tailor coverage based on contractors' needs, project complexities, and risk profiles. Insurance brokers play a crucial role in sourcing comprehensive coverage from reputable insurers, understanding contractors' businesses, and identifying potential risks.
By leveraging market expertise and industry insights, brokers ensure contractors receive the proper coverage levels, policy features, and competitive premiums, enhancing financial protection and peace of mind throughout construction projects.
In conclusion, UK Building Contractors Insurance is a comprehensive solution that not only addresses construction professionals' unique risks but also provides a sense of security. From public and employers' liability to contract works and specialised coverages, contractors can safeguard their businesses, projects, and reputations against unforeseen challenges in the dynamic construction environment.
Working with experienced insurance brokers ensures tailored coverage, proactive risk management, and optimal financial protection for contractors across the UK construction industry, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your projects.
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Hazardous Locations

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We can quote for work in hazardous locations such as London Underground. Unrestricted height and depth.

Larger Firms

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We can provide quotes and cover on premiums up to £250,000. 90% minimum and deposit option. Chat to your broker.

Your Security

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Two year LTAs (Long Term Agreements) and all insurance is secured from an A-rated insurance provider.

UK Building Contractors' Insurance FAQ: Comprehensive Coverage for Your Construction Projects | Primo

  • What is UK building contractors' insurance, and why is it important?

    Building contractors' insurance in the UK is a specialised insurance policy designed to protect construction professionals and their projects from various risks. It is crucial for ensuring financial security, compliance with legal requirements, and mitigating potential liabilities in the construction industry.
  • What are the core components of UK building contractors' insurance?

    The core components typically include public liability insurance, employers' liability insurance, contract works insurance (CAR), tools and equipment insurance, and optional coverages such as professional indemnity and business interruption insurance.
  • Is public liability insurance mandatory for UK building contractors?

    Yes, public liability insurance is often mandatory for UK building contractors. It protects against third-party injury or property damage claims arising from construction activities, ensuring contractors are financially protected against legal liabilities. Without this insurance, a single claim could bankrupt a small contractor, as they would be personally responsible for all legal and compensation costs.
  • What does employers' liability insurance cover for UK building contractors?

    Employers' liability insurance covers UK building contractors against claims from employees for work-related injuries or illnesses. It is a legal requirement for businesses with employees, including contractors hiring temporary or permanent staff. This means that if you have any employees, even if they are subcontractors, you are legally obligated to have this insurance in place.
  • Does UK building contractors' insurance cover damage to ongoing construction projects?

    Contract works insurance (CAR), or contractors' all-risk insurance, covers ongoing construction projects against damage or loss due to risks like fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and accidental damage. For example, if a fire damages your construction site, the policy would cover the cost of repairs or replacement of any damaged materials or equipment.
  • Are tools and equipment covered under UK building contractors' insurance?

    Tools and equipment insurance is typically included in building contractors' insurance policies and covers the repair or replacement of damaged, broken, lost, or stolen tools and equipment during construction activities.
  • Can UK building contractors' insurance cover business interruption due to insured perils?

    Yes, business interruption insurance, which is part of building contractors' insurance, can provide financial support for lost income, ongoing expenses, and additional costs during project downtime caused by insured perils like fire or flood.
  • What is professional indemnity insurance, and do UK building contractors need it?

    Professional indemnity insurance covers UK building contractors against claims of professional negligence, errors, or omissions resulting in financial losses to clients. It is recommended for contractors providing design, consultancy, or advisory services. Without this coverage, contractors could be personally liable for any financial losses their clients incur due to their services, potentially leading to significant financial strain.
  • Do UK building contractors need insurance if they are self-employed?

    Yes, even self-employed building contractors should have the correct cover, such as public liability insurance, to protect against potential claims from clients, third parties, or employees (if applicable).
  • Can subcontractors be covered under UK building contractors' insurance policies?

    Depending on policy terms and arrangements, subcontractors may be covered under UK building contractors' insurance policies. Contractors should consult with insurers or brokers to ensure subcontractor coverage as needed.
  • What factors influence the cost of UK building contractors' insurance premiums?

    Premiums for building contractors insurance are influenced by factors such as the scale of projects, type of construction work, past claims history, workforce size, coverage limits, policy features, and risk management practices. For example, a contractor with a history of frequent claims may face higher premiums, while a contractor with a robust risk management plan may secure more favourable rates.
  • Does UK building contractors' insurance cover legal expenses for contractual disputes?

    Yes, legal expenses insurance included in building contractors' insurance policies covers legal fees, court costs, and other legal expenses related to contractual disputes, regulatory issues, or legal actions arising from construction activities.
  • Can building contractors insure multiple projects under a single insurance policy?

    Yes, many building contractors' insurance policies allow contractors to insure multiple projects or sites under a single policy. It streamlines insurance management and may offer cost efficiencies compared to separate policies.
  • What are the standard exclusions in UK building contractors' insurance policies?

    Typical exclusions may include deliberate acts of damage, wear and tear, faulty workmanship not resulting in damage, terrorism (may require separate coverage), and specific high-risk activities not disclosed to insurers.
  • Is a minimum public liability insurance required for UK building contractors?

    While there is no specific legal minimum, UK building contractors should consider adequate public liability coverage based on project requirements, contractual obligations, and potential liabilities to third parties.
  • Can UK building contractors' insurance cover subcontractor errors or omissions?

    Some building contractors' insurance policies may include coverage for subcontractor errors or omissions depending on policy terms and endorsements. Contractors should review policy details to understand this coverage.
  • Does UK building contractors' insurance cover pollution or environmental damage?

    Pollution or environmental damage may require specific endorsements or separate pollution liability insurance. Standard building contractors' insurance policies may have limited coverage for pollution-related risks.
  • Can building contractors' insurance cover losses due to cyber attacks or data breaches?

    Cyber liability insurance may be available as optional coverage under building contractors' insurance policies. It covers financial losses, legal expenses, and damages from cyber attacks, data breaches, or privacy violations.
  • How can building contractors find the right insurance coverage at competitive rates?

    Building contractors can work with experienced insurance brokers specialising in construction insurance. Brokers assess risks, shop for tailored coverage from reputable insurers, negotiate premiums, and provide ongoing support for claims and policy reviews.
  • What should building contractors consider when reviewing insurance quotes and policies?

    Contractors should carefully review coverage limits, exclusions, excess amounts, additional benefits or add-ons, insurer reputation, claims handling process, customer service quality, and overall value to ensure optimal insurance protection for their businesses and projects.

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Other Insurance For Consideration

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Driver getting in his van
Comprehensive, third party, fire and theft or third party only cover arranged for your business' vehicles.

Plant and Machinery Insurance

Commercial property insurance headed page on a clipboard with a blue background
Consider adding annual insurance cover for owned or hired-in plant and machinery to your business cover.

Commercial Property Insurance

Clipboard with a sheet of paper titled commercial property insurance
Do you need commercial property insurance in addition to liability cover? We can also arrange as a standalone policy.

Helpful Articles for Building Contractors

Information Contractors Need to Know

People sat around a table
With new regulations and the onset of the Insurance Act many contractors that work in the construction industry may be in for some nasty surprises when renewing their insurance.

Are you Covered for Special Risks?

How often does your broker actually go through all the exclusions and pair them with work or contracts you have undertaken in the past to make sure you are covered correctly?

Liability Insurance: How Much Is Enough?

Though you know that you need liability insurance as a contractor, it is not always easy to pick the right insurance package or know the exact cover options you need for your business.

Let's get you covered as quickly and simply as possible

Finding you the right cover at the right time.

Tailoring your cover to match your business' needs is something we pride ourselves on at Primo. See below for typical examples of cover and options you may require.
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Contractors All Risk

Provides cover for damage to property and also damage or injury to third-parties. Damage to property can include incorrect construction, renovation damage or damage to temporary work on sites. C.A.R. policies are typically taken out by both the contractor and the employer and may have others such as finance companies named in the policy.

Contract Works

Some construction projects you undertake will make you responsible for partially completed work. For instance, you're in the middle of building a house, and a flood destroys the work you have done contract works insurance could cover the cost of redoing that work. Your broker will help you determine the right level of cover needed.
Two people discuss a contract
Lock up industrial units, brown cladding and bright orange doors

Business Premises

What is Covered? Your buildings, fixtures and fittings: including gates, fences, car parks, as well as underground cables and pipes. It may also include cover for stock and cash on the premises and in some cases it can also provide for seasonal stock increases free of charge.

Business Interruption

If your business needs to close after a disaster like a flood or a fire, perhaps even after a forced entry business interruption insurance covers the shortfall in your business' income.
Man interrupts woman working
3 stacks of 2 portacabins

Temporary Buildings

Whether it's a portacabin or a row of portaloos most construction sites have temporary buildings. Temporary buildings cover often provided with a C.A.R. policy covers loss or damage to these temporary structures and may cover any plant or tools stored in them.

Commercial Fleet

For more information on our motor fleet policy please click on the link below.
Small grey van
digger in a quarry

Plant and Machinery

Please see our dedicated page on plant and machinery insurance. Cover for hired-in or owned plant and machinery.

JCT 21.2.1

In the case of most damage to a third-party property a claim would be made against the negligent party and compensation would be covered by their liability insurance, however, what if a third party property is damaged due to building works where no-one has been negligent? That's where JCT insurance comes in.
rolled up documnets
selection of various tools

Tools, Materials & Equipment

Often included as part of a contractors insurance policy this covers loss or damage to contractors tools, equipment and materials while they are secured on-site.

Architect Plans

Covers the cost of replacement due to loss or damage of architects drawings. Usually covered as part of a contractors all risks policy.
architects drawings laid out on table
Show home kitchen

Showhome Contents

Where a completed works include a showhome contractors all risks policies will typically include cover for it's contents as standard.

Properties Awaiting Sale

Also known as completed works, properties awaiting sale are covered until sold or for a number of days following the completion of the property. If the property remains unsold you may want to arrange standalone unoccupied property insurance.
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