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Building Contractors Insurance by Primo: Quotes & Cover for Construction Professionals

"Discover a variety of construction insurance options from reputable UK A-rated insurers. Our brokerage specialises in crafting tailored company schemes that cover every aspect of your business. Our dedicated team handles the details, ensuring you receive precisely the right cover from our wide range of market options at competitive premiums."

UK Builder's Insurance: Comprehensive Protection for Construction Professionals

Builder checking his work
Builders are the backbone of the construction industry, undertaking projects from residential homes to large commercial buildings. The nature of their work exposes them to various risks, making comprehensive insurance for building contractors crucial. UK Builder's Insurance is designed to address these risks and protect contractors, their businesses, and the projects they undertake.

Core Construction Cover:

The core components of builders' insurance are essential for every construction project, forming the foundation of financial protection for contractors and their businesses. These policies cover the most common and significant risks faced by those in the construction industry, providing a safety net for both legal and financial liabilities.
Public Liability Insurance: - (click to expand)
This fundamental cover safeguards building contractors against claims of third-party injury or property damage during construction work. It covers legal costs, compensation, and associated expenses, offering financial security against unforeseen liabilities.
Employers' Liability Insurance: - (click to expand)
A legal requirement for businesses with employees, employers' liability insurance protects contractors from claims arising from work-related injuries or illnesses. It ensures legal compliance and safeguards against potentially substantial compensation claims.
Contract Works Insurance (Contractors All Risks): - (click to expand)
This insurance protects ongoing construction projects from damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and accidental damage. It covers materials, equipment, and the worksite, mitigating financial losses during construction. This is particularly important for large-scale projects where the potential for financial loss is greater.

Additional Contractor Insurance Covers:

In addition to the core insurance policies essential for every building contractor, there are several supplementary covers available that can be tailored to the specific needs and risks of each project. These additional covers offer a wider range of protection, ensuring that all aspects of a construction project are safeguarded against unforeseen events.
Professional Indemnity Insurance: - (click to expand)
Recommended for contractors providing design, consultancy, or advisory services, this insurance protects against claims of professional negligence, errors, or omissions. It covers legal costs and compensation for financial losses arising from faulty advice or services.
Business Interruption Insurance: - (click to expand)
Construction delays caused by insured events can significantly impact project timelines and revenue. This insurance provides financial support for lost income, ongoing expenses, and additional costs during project downtime.
Legal Expenses Insurance: - (click to expand)
Construction projects can involve contractual disputes, legal challenges, or regulatory issues. This insurance covers legal fees, court costs, and other legal expenses related to defending legal actions or pursuing claims.
Buildings and Contents: - (click to expand)
This insurance safeguards physical structures, such as houses, offices, or commercial buildings, along with their contents. It offers protection against risks like fire, theft, natural disasters, and accidental damage. This coverage is essential for both completed projects and those under construction, ensuring that valuable assets are protected from potential losses.
Business Interruption: - (click to expand)
In the event of unexpected disruptions caused by insured events, such as fires, floods, or other covered perils, this insurance steps in to compensate for lost income and cover additional expenses incurred during the downtime. It helps to ensure that the business can continue to operate and meet its financial obligations even when faced with unexpected challenges.
Latent Defects Insurance: - (click to expand)
This cover protects against financial losses due to structural defects that arise after project completion but were caused by design, workmanship, or materials issues during construction. It offers peace of mind for both the contractor and the property owner.
Tools and Equipment Insurance: - (click to expand)
Construction projects heavily rely on specialised tools and equipment. This insurance covers the repair or replacement costs for damaged, lost, or stolen tools and equipment, ensuring project continuity.
Temporary Buildings: - (click to expand)
Construction sites often utilise temporary structures like site offices, storage units, and accommodation for workers. This insurance provides coverage for these structures, protecting them from risks like fire, theft, vandalism, and weather-related damage. This ensures that essential facilities on the construction site remain protected.
Commercial Fleet: - (click to expand)
For businesses that rely on vehicles for their operations, commercial fleet insurance is vital. It covers vehicles used for business purposes, such as vans, trucks, and cars. This insurance typically includes coverage for accidents, theft, vandalism, and liability, ensuring that the business is protected from financial losses related to its fleet.
Plant and Machinery: - (click to expand)
Construction projects often involve the use of heavy machinery and equipment like excavators, cranes, and bulldozers. Plant and machinery insurance provides coverage for this valuable equipment, protecting it from damage, theft, and breakdown. This helps to avoid costly repairs or replacements and ensures that projects can continue without interruption.
JCT 21.2.1: - (click to expand)
This refers to a specific type of contract works insurance based on the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) standard form of contract. JCT contracts are widely used in the UK construction industry, and this insurance is tailored to the specific terms and conditions of these contracts. It offers protection for both the contractor and the employer in case of unexpected events during the project.
Architect Plans: - (click to expand)
Architectural drawings and plans are essential for construction projects, and their loss or damage could lead to significant delays and additional costs. This insurance covers the expense of replacing these documents if they are lost, damaged, or destroyed due to events like fire, theft, or accidental damage.
Showhome Contents: - (click to expand)
Showhomes are often furnished and decorated to showcase the potential of a development. This insurance provides coverage for the contents of show homes, protecting them from theft, damage, and other risks. This ensures that the show home remains presentable and attractive to potential buyers.
Properties Awaiting Sale: - (click to expand)
After construction is complete, properties may remain unsold for a period. This insurance provides coverage for these properties during this waiting period, protecting them against risks like fire, theft, vandalism, and other perils that could devalue the property or cause financial losses.

Primo's Tailored Cover and Risk Management:

UK Construction Insurance is highly adaptable, allowing brokers to tailor cover based on specific needs, project complexity, and risk profiles. Insurance brokers play a vital role in sourcing comprehensive insurance for construction contractors from reputable insurers. They understand the unique challenges faced by contractors and can identify potential risks.
By leveraging market expertise and industry insights, brokers ensure that contractors receive the right coverage levels, policy features, and competitive premiums. This enhances financial protection and peace of mind throughout the construction process.
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We can quote for work in hazardous locations such as London Underground. Unrestricted height and depth.
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We can provide quotes and cover on premiums up to £250,000. 90% minimum and deposit option. Chat to your broker.
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Two year LTAs (Long Term Agreements) and all insurance is secured from an A-rated insurance provider.

UK Building Contractors' Insurance FAQ:

Comprehensive Cover for Your Construction Projects | Primo

While our website and FAQs provide a wealth of information about builders insurance, they can never fully replace the expertise and personalised guidance of our brokers. Our brokers possess in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and insurance market, allowing them to assess your unique needs and risks. They can tailor coverage options to fit your specific circumstances, ensuring you have the right protection at the most competitive price.

What Insurance Do Building Contractors Need? - (click to expand)
Building contractors in the UK require a combination of insurance policies to adequately protect themselves, their businesses, and their projects. The essential policies include:
  • Public Liability Insurance: This covers claims from third parties for injuries or property damage caused during construction activities.
  • Employers' Liability Insurance: This is a legal requirement for businesses with employees and covers claims from employees for work-related injuries or illnesses.
  • Contract Works Insurance (Contractors All Risks): This protects the construction project itself, including materials, temporary works, and existing structures, from perils like fire, theft, flood, and accidental damage.

Additionally, contractors may need other types of cover based on their specific operations and risks, such as:
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: For contractors providing design or consultancy services, this covers claims for negligence or errors in their professional advice.
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance: This protects against loss or damage to tools and equipment used on-site.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: This compensates for lost income due to unexpected events that interrupt construction activities.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: This covers legal costs associated with disputes arising from construction projects.
  • Plant and Machinery Insurance: This protects against damage or theft of expensive construction machinery.
  • Construction PI Insurance: Specifically designed for construction professionals, this covers legal defence costs and compensation claims for damages or losses caused by professional negligence in their services.
  • Latent Defects Insurance: This cover protects against financial losses due to structural defects that arise after project completion but were caused by design, workmanship, or materials issues during construction.

How Much Is Builder's Insurance? - (click to expand)
The cost of builder's insurance varies widely depending on several factors, including:
  • Business Size: Larger businesses with more employees and higher turnover will typically pay more for insurance.
  • Type of Work: The riskier the construction activities, the higher the insurance premiums. For example, demolition work is generally considered riskier than house extensions.
  • Cover Limits: Higher cover limits will result in higher premiums.
  • Claims History: Contractors with a history of claims may face higher premiums.
  • Excess Level: Choosing a higher excess (the amount you pay towards a claim) can reduce your premium.

On average, public liability insurance for building contractors starts around £100-£200 per year, but the total cost of a comprehensive package can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds annually.
Who Needs Builder's Risk Insurance? - (click to expand)
Builders' risk insurance, also known as Contract Works Insurance, is typically needed by anyone involved in construction projects, including:
  • General Contractors: They are responsible for the overall project and need to protect their interests.
  • Subcontractors: They may be required to have their own coverage to protect their specific work.
  • Developers: They have a financial stake in the project and need to protect their investment.
  • Property Owners: If they are managing the construction project themselves, they may need to purchase builders' risk insurance.

What Does Builder's Insurance Cover? - (click to expand)
Builder's insurance is a broad term encompassing various types of coverage. A comprehensive package may include:
  • Public and Employers' Liability: Protection against claims from third parties or employees.
  • Contract Works: Covers the construction project itself against damage or loss.
  • Tools and Equipment: Protects against loss or damage to tools and equipment.
  • Business Interruption: Compensates for lost income due to project delays.
  • Legal Expenses: Covers legal costs associated with construction disputes.
  • Plant and Machinery: Protects against damage or theft of construction machinery.
  • Construction PI Insurance: Specifically designed for construction professionals, this covers legal defence costs and compensation claims for damages or losses caused by professional negligence in their services.
  • Latent Defects Insurance: This cover protects against financial losses due to structural defects that arise after project completion but were caused by design, workmanship, or materials issues during construction.

What Is Builder's Insurance? - (click to expand)
Builder's insurance is a collection of insurance policies tailored to the specific risks faced by building contractors. It aims to protect them from financial losses arising from accidents, injuries, property damage, legal disputes, and other unforeseen events that could occur during the course of a construction project.
What is Construction Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance? - (click to expand)
Construction Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is a type of insurance that protects construction professionals, such as architects, engineers, and surveyors, from claims of professional negligence. It covers legal costs and compensation payments in case a client suffers financial loss due to errors or omissions in the professional's work.
Are Construction Defects Covered by Insurance? - (click to expand)
Yes, certain types of construction defects can be covered by insurance. Latent Defects Insurance specifically addresses defects that are not immediately apparent and may emerge after the project is completed. Contract Works Insurance can also cover damage caused by defects in workmanship or materials during the construction phase.
What Factors Influence the Cost of Building Contractors' Insurance? - (click to expand)
Several factors influence the cost of building contractors' insurance:
  • Type of work: Riskier projects (e.g., demolition, high-rise construction) will have higher premiums.
  • Business size: Larger businesses with more employees will typically pay more.
  • Cover limits: Higher coverage limits will increase the premium.
  • Claims history: A history of claims will likely lead to higher premiums.
  • Location: Premiums can vary based on location and the associated risks.

What Are Standard Exclusions in a Contractor's Policy? - (click to expand)
Standard exclusions in a contractor's policy may include:
  • Intentional acts: Damage or injuries caused intentionally are not covered.
  • Contractual liability: Liabilities assumed under contract that are not covered by the standard policy wording.
  • War and terrorism: Losses caused by war or terrorist acts are usually excluded.
  • Nuclear risks: Damage or injury caused by nuclear accidents is typically not covered.

What Should Builders Consider When Reviewing Insurance Quotes and Policies? - (click to expand)
When reviewing insurance quotes and policies, builders should:
  • Compare quotes: Get quotes from multiple insurers to compare coverage and premiums.
  • Read the policy wording carefully: Understand the exclusions and limitations of the cover.
  • Check the excess level: Ensure you are comfortable with the amount you will have to pay towards a claim.
  • Seek professional advice: If you are unsure about any aspect of the policy, consult an insurance broker for guidance.

By carefully considering these factors, builders can ensure they have the right insurance coverage to protect their businesses and projects.

We strive to keep our FAQs up-to-date and comprehensive, but insurance is a complex field with ever-changing regulations and requirements. Our brokers stay abreast of these developments, offering you the most current and accurate information available. They can answer your questions, clarify any uncertainties, and guide you through the entire insurance process, providing peace of mind and valuable support every step of the way.

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