Business Startup Costs

Research Expenses

Researching your startup and running costs is a very important part of any business plan and a business plan is crucial for any new business. Without one, any new business will find financing a project will be extremely difficult as banks and other lenders need to be able to see a viable plan that will show your project will be profitable, at least on paper.

Insurance, license and permits

Insurance should be a high priority for any business especially a new business. This is where someone like FML Insurance Services will be able to help you most. Should your business engage in any activity that brings it into contact with the general public, it will, of course, need Public Liability insurance, should you offer professional advice or consultancy you need to consider professional indemnity insurance and if you design, produce or sell goods and items under your company brand products liability is also a great idea.

No matter what business you decide to start talking to a professional commercial insurance broker will be a good step in getting the correct cover put in place. Apart from the cover already mentioned there are many add-ons and extra optional insurance products you should consider. If the worst happens will your business still be able to provide for your income? If you see any situation where you may be subject to financial loss due to any number of reasons try to ensure you have the correct cover in place to offset the loss.

Depending on the industry you choose licensing and permit fees may apply. Your first port of call should be your local authority, they should be able to provide you with any information as to what you may need in the course of carrying out your chosen occupation, what it will cost to put in place and how often it will need to be renewed.

Equipment and Supplies

Setting up an office, even at home, you will need equipment and supplies. From just pens and paper to computers and software, no matter what business you choose there will be costs associated with the day to day running of your new concern. If you work from home some costs like rent and other essentials need to be taken into account even if you already pay for them regardless. There is a lot to take into account.


One of the biggest outgoings for most businesses advertising isn't just that ad you placed in the paper last week, your website, logo, business cards, letterheads, time spent on social media it all has an attributed cost associated with it and all those costs need to be researched and covered in your business plan.

Advertising your services will be a lot of trial and error at first. Many businesses will find something that works and stick with it, but experimenting with new media and different ad types on a variety of platforms can be costly but the rewards will be great too.


Many new startups will need to look at getting some form of financing, whether it's a bank, lending institution or private investor they will all have an expectation of earning from you. Taking things like interest payments and dividends into account when working out your business costs will save you from any nasty surprises later on.

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