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Detailing Car Cleaning Tricks

Clean those air vents with foam brushes

Foam Brush vent cleaner
Keep vents clean and clear

Keeping the air vents clean is essential. Having a passenger or even yourself with asthma or hay fever riding around in a car with dirty vents can cause discomfort. Even if you don't suffer from an illness, it's simply is not healthy to be breathing in all of those nasty particulates. Pay a visit to your local hardware shop and buy a small foam brush. Now you can make those vent nozzles spotless and help your car smell fresh too.

Needing attention to detail a dummies guide to the toothbrush.

Toothbrush Detailing
Brusher, brusher, brusher, keep the car all cleaner

There are plenty of expensive kits and aids to help with detailing your car. But all you need is a toothbrush and a bit of determination and some elbow grease. Toothbrush bristles will penetrate into nooks and crannies you can't usually reach. Just like when you brush your teeth, but please take my advice don't use your partner's new electric toothbrush.

Cotton bud's detailing extravaganza!

Cotton bud clean
Not just for your ears!

If you want that on point finish and clean for your car, use a cotton bud. Cotton Buds are useful because they fit in little holes and other places unattainable by ordinary means – cup holders, car logos around the edges of mirrors, etc. The cotton ends can clean up any excess cleaning products that get left behind.

Techy tip keyboard cleaner in your vents!

Blow out with keyboard cleaner
Techy tip not just for keyboards

Just like with a keyboard, you can use compressed air to extricate the tiny bits of grit, dust and dirt from the cracks and crevices of your car. Compressed air shoots out at a high rate of speed through a narrow tube, allowing you to direct the airflow anywhere that dirt needs removing, making your clean up so much easier.

Get in those annoying nooks with a cloth covered flathead screwdriver

Screwdriver Cleaning tool
Deep cleaning tool the multidriver

Grime and dirt can get into almost anywhere, a bit like MacDonald's restaurants in the 80s and dirt just loves to accumulate in the hardest to reach places. How can you clean those little areas? Take a screwdriver, put a cloth over it, and use it to wash around those difficult to reach places.

Clean between buttons with silicon gel

Silica gel or silly putty
Silly me I should have used silly putty

Some of the hardest to clean places in your car are the buttons and switches. Grit and dirt work its way into those little gaps, and it refuses to budge. Buy some silica gel or silly putty it is ideal for the removal of dirt around switches and buttons. Push it down onto the button so that it completely covers it and then just lift it back up. One super clean car.

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