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"It took just a few clicks to arrange my insurance cover, so simple!"

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Direct selling insurance at a click of a button. Obtain a quote and purchase online quickly and simply, check with your supplier to see if they already have a facility with liability1st or Primo before going to the website.

Arranged by Liability1st

Liability Insurance for UK Direct Sellers Less Than £30 Per Year

If you are considering self-employment as a representative, consultant or distributor you may want to consider purchasing direct sellers insurance

Whether you have decided on selling Avon, Body Shop, Herbalife or Tupperware or one of the many successful brands currently trading today insurance is essential.

If you are going to be interacting with people as part of your business venture, it's always worth doing a little research on what type of insurance you need and what cover it provides.

Protecting your business from liability for damages and injury to third parties should be your priority, as without insurance you are personally liable.

Sales Consultants Insurance, you'll be glad to hear, is cost-effective and to correctly cover yourself; the policy will be less than £30 per year, in fact, we'll include some prices here from our liability1st website. You may have come across us already on the Direct Selling Association (DSA) website, as Primo are the approved insurance supply member.

If you are working for yourself Primo will offer you public liability insurance for £27.62 including insurance premium tax and that's for 12 months, and £2 million liability, there is £5 million available too.

Best of all is you can purchase it online with a click of a button...

  • Public Liability

    Public liability insurance covers the cost of legal action and compensation claims made against you or your business if a third party is injured or their property suffers damage whilst at your business premises or when you are working in their home, office or business property
  • Employers Liability

    Employers' liability insurance is designed to cover the costs if an employee claims compensation for illness or injury that they believe has been caused by their work. ... The court can order the employer to pay compensation for injury, costs and other damages.
  • Cover for Stock

    If you're a direct seller, you may rely on stock to keep your business running. So, you'll need an insurance policy in place to ensure your stock is protected in the event that it's lost, stolen or damaged.

Online Chat

Chat to your dedicated insurance professional during office hours, to answer all those niggling questions you may have about insuring your business.


Complete a short form and in a few clicks you'll have the right cover in place to head out and sell those products to your waiting clientele.


Having the correct cover in place will allow you to focus on the task at hand and that's building your client base and selling your range to your clients.

Direct Selling Insurance

It's been a tough year for many businesses, and direct selling was no exception. I think we all have our fingers crossed with the vaccine rollout that life returns to normal. To ensure you can hit the ground running, we have a dedicated website ready to quickly and easily provide you with your direct selling insurance.

Our brokers are always on hand via online live chat or by phone should you have any questions. Our direct selling insurance team have been looking after your needs for many years now, and we plan on being here for many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need public liability insurance?

    Because accidents happen and it is very easy for a claimant to sue you. Moreover, as a self-employed person you could potentially lose everything (including your home) if you cause an accident such as a serious injury as a result of your negligence.
  • Why doesn't my brand insure me?

    As a self-employed person you are running your own business and benefits such as the provision of insurance could prejudice your bona fide status as a self-employed person with HM Revenue & Customs.
  • How much does it cost?

    £27 a year for £2m of cover and £38 a year for £5m.
  • Can I send you a cheque?

    We keep our costs low by selling exclusively online which means that payment needs to be made by credit or debit card. But it also means that you get your insurance documents straightaway!
  • Does it cover me at fairs, fetes, parties and recruiting at shopping centres?

  • May I have more information before I buy?

    You may use the chat feature to speak to a broker or give us a call alternatively you can go to our site and download further documentation there.

While the brands you work for are quite unique the one thing direct sellers all have in common is their insurance.

Get the cover you need with a few simple clicks of our online system.

Avon Representatives

2019 sees Avon UK's 60th anniversary since opening in 1959 and today there are about 160,000 direct sellers in Britain exclusively promoting and selling Avon products.

Ann Summer's Organiser

Ann Summers first opened in London in 1970 but it wasn't until 1981 that the direct selling part of the business came about now known as the party plan concept. With roughly 144 retail outlets Ann Summers now employs 7,500 party organisers with 4000 parties every week in the UK.

Body Shop at Home Consultant

The Body Shop first opened in the UK in 1976 and the Body Shop at Home network started in 1994 and by 2004 there were 3,500 home distributors in the UK. Originally known as Body Shop Direct it was first trialled in Australia.
Forever Living was founded in 1978 in Tempe, Arizona and didn't arrive in the UK until 1988. Forever Living manufactures and sells health and wellness products based on aloe vera. With over 1,500 distributors now operating in the UK.

Herbalife Distributor

Founded in the US in 1980 Herbalife has become an international success and now sells it's products in 90 countries worldwide. Herbalife now has some 32,000 distributors in the UK.

Oriflame Consultant

Oriflame are a Swedish company founded in 1967. The company sells lip balms, personal care, accessories and dietary supplements. Oriflame now has over 7000 employees in 62 countries.

Scentsy Consultant

Founded in 2003 the company offers wickless candles, scented wax for electric candle warmers and a range of scented natural oils and diffusers. While not as well known as some direct selling companies here in the UK Scentsy has over 130,000 consultants worldwide.

Younique Independant Presenter

Younique's company foundation is based on Family Values. Brother-and-sister team Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, founded the company in September 2012 with a mission to elevate, empower, and validate women across the world.
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