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Exterior Car Cleaning Tips

Dirty Rims? Nothing, a bit of powdered bleach, can't fix.

Cleaning car rims
Before and after cleaning rims with bleach

Cleaning grubby wheels rims can be a chore. However, there is a great trick to cut done on the elbow grease. Get some bleach powder, sprinkle it onto an old cloth and add a drop of Dettol to the area where the powder is. Scrub the rims of your car and see how the dirt just vanishes, leaving the wheel sparkling and clean. You'll still have to put some effort in, but it's worth it.

Make headlight lenses sparkle again, toothpaste to the rescue.

Toothpaste Defogger
Toothpaste for healthy lighting

If the lenses on your headlights have clouded up and it looks like you're driving through fog, it can not only be a nuisance but can also restrict your visibility at night. Now you could buy some new lamps, or a much cheaper option is to clean them with toothpaste (especially a whitening toothpaste). Just put the toothpaste on the glass, scrub it in, rinse off, and dry. Viola, a revitalised headlight.

1001 uses for WD40, stickers beware!

WD40 cleaning uses
1001 uses for WD40

"My other car is a Porsche." Yes, stickers used to be fun at one point but not these days, and worse than that they have super sticky glue. Removing them can often leave a nasty sticky residue which marks where they once resided. Don't worry, spray some WD-40 on the offending label, wait a few minutes for it to soak in, and then peel off and rub away any marks quickly.

Clay? Yes, clay your way to a showroom shine.

Clay for polishing
Showroom shine with clay who knew?

They never showed this in Ghost. If you want a showroom finish but without paying a showroom price, a neat trick is to use some clay! Yes, you read that right clay picks up the gunk on your car’s body and at the same time leaves it clean with a super shiny finish.

Cola rust remover!

Cola eats rust away
Cola just eats away the rust

One of the reasons I gave up drinking cola was due to the fact it can eat through rust and built up corrosion. Just imagine what it does to your stomach! However, spraying some on rusty parts can clean them up in no time or use it to soak stubborn bolts to help make them easier to loosen.

Take two bottles to the car wash?

Condition your car
Hair conditioner for beautiful paintwork

Believe it or not, if you wash your car with hair conditioner, you can get that exact waxy, shiny finish as if you had taken your car to an expensive car detailer. Buy some hair conditioner with lanolin in it, put it on a car shammy, and buff the bodywork using circular motions until the car like new.

Remove bugs from your bodywork with dryer wipes

Dryer sheets bug removal
Simple tip to remove those bugs

Dead squished bugs are gross, especially if you're a vegetarian. To keep your car looking clean and less like a bug graveyard, use some fresh water and a dryer sheet and gently rub on your car to remove the deceased.

Hand dry no matter what

Hand drying car to a good finish
Hand drying for best finish

Soft towels are often the best, but hand drying is essential to keeping your bodywork pristine. Watermarks often gather on your vehicles paintwork, and machine blow dryers don't pay particular attention to this, of course, it also means you can spot any areas that need more tender loving care.

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