Old photo showing two ladies fitting automobile glass

Glass Cleaning Tricks

Clean windows, read all about it!

Newspaper for streak free glass
Visibility keep clear with newspaper

My grandfather used to swear by this method for cleaning windows, and it works on your car's glass as well. Wash with some mild soapy water (add some vinegar for streak-free cleaning). Then scrunch up some old newspaper and give your windows a good wipe over. Great, now you can see out of them again.

Washer fluid made by you!

Window washer fluid made at home
Emergency window washer fluid

Making some windscreen washer liquid is straightforward. All you need do is mix 3 cups of grain alcohol to 4 cups of water and add just two teaspoons of dishwasher liquid. Put it in a spare bottle to keep in case of emergency.

Emergency nail polish (temporary fix rather than a cleaning tip)!

Emergency window chip fix
Clear Nail Varnish Emergency Repair

It matters not male or female you should keep a bottle of clear nail varnish in your car. Why? If a tiny stone bounces up and chips your windscreen, a little crack can appear which could grow and shatter the windshield. Apply the clear nail varnish, and the crack apparently won’t grow, of course, this is just a temporary fix, get the glass repaired professionally as soon as possible.

Baby wipes for windows.

Baby wipe those windows
Do not use real babies just their wipes

All parents know how indispensable and incredible baby wipes are. Keep a pack of wipes in your car for mopping up accidental spills or wiping melted ice cream off the child seat. Additionally, they work wonders as a glass cleaner, and they will help keep your windows clean returning your visibility to normal.

Steel wool windshield cleaner (WTH!)

Steel wool windscreen cleaner
No way! Yes way!

Perhaps the most counterintuitive advice we have in the list but believe it or not, steel wool is incredible for cleaning up your windscreen. The glass used is not only thick and durable but is also less susceptible to scratching. Therefore, using steel wool to remove the grime will enable better visibility.

Rubbing alcohol for wipers

Streak free wipers
No streaky bacon I mean windows

Streaky wiper blades. Incredibly annoying, right? Well, to prevent that from occurring, you use some rubbing alcohol, pour some on a cloth or paper towel, and wipe along each blade. When you turn your wipers back on the streaks, have disappeared!

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