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"Knowing our home is now protected correctly is very reassuring."

At Primo, we like all our clients to feel this way

Home Insurance

House and Contents Insurance

Home insurance will never replace your home, and money will never replace many of your treasured possessions. However, we will ensure that the cover you receive will certainly help restore a roof over your head and replace the things money can buy enabling you to move on to the more important task of making it a home again.

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Home Building and Contents Insurance

Thank you for considering choosing Primo to broker your home insurance.

Protecting, what is essentially your most significant financial asset is one thing, but understanding that it is your home first and foremost is something our brokers make their priority.

We have a carefully selected panel of insurers who offer excellent cover but may vary with their cover options which is where our broker's expertise comes in; they will match you up with the most suitable policy available.

  • Policy

    Your broker will take the time to dicuss your needs in full before approaching insurers to find the most suitable policy. Once a policy has been selected and the premium agreed your broker will always make time should you wish to discuss or ask any questions.

  • Making a Claim

    If you feel you need to make a claim your first contact should be made directly with your home insurance provider, should you need further assistance your broker will be happy to provide advice.

  • Availble Cover

    Most cover is pretty standard but there are some options which may vary between various insurers. Our brokers will endeavour to match your needs with the best package the insurers have to offer.


Click a listed cover for more information. Different insurers may offer different packages and options. Speak to your broker to find out the best options for you.

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Always speak to a real person. You will have an assigned broker.
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We ensure obtaining your insurance is straightforward.
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Correctly covering your home gives you great peace of mind.

Home and Contents Insurance FAQ | Primo

  • Should I insure my building’s structure for the market value or rebuilding cost?

    When seeking home insurance you should always use the cost of rebuilding your home as opposed to the market value. The market value of a property includes the land and therefore you would be paying a higher premium than you need to. Some policies offer home insurance cover based on an overall limit on rebuilding a property. For example they may set a fixed limit of £400,000 and as long as the amount they set is confidently enough to rebuild your home, clear the site and pay professional fees there is no need to work out an exact cost.
  • How can I work out the rebuilding cost of my home?

    You could either employ the services of a qualified surveyor or you can go to the ABI website where they have a handy calculator ( The calculator may not be suitable if your home is not of a standard build and/or has specialist features.
  • Do I need to tell my insurer if I have major building work done, such as an extension?

    Always notify your insurer before having work carried out on your property. It is also important to let your insurer know if the work carried out that could increase risk of damage to your property. This is especially true if you are having an extension built, if it is being significantly refurbished or will be empty for a prolonged period.
  • Will insurance cover damage that is caused when things wear out?

    Your home insurance will not cover your home and belongings for standard wear and tear. Keeping on top of maintenance etc. is not something insurance is designed to replace.
  • If I need to make a claim who should I contact?

    In all instances your first call when needing to make a claim should be your insurer.

Help with choosing the right cover options for your home.

There are many different cover options available, in fact far too many to list. Some options even have many suboptions so speaking with your broker is always a great idea.
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Your home contents will be covered upto an agreed amount should you make any purchases that raise this value inform your insurer as soon as possible to amend your cover.


Remember you only need to cover for the rebuild value not the purchase value of your property. As with all insurance there will be exclusions ask your assigned broker to explain these to you.
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Your policy will include public liability and may also include one or all of the following: personal liability, tenants liability, liability to domestic staff and carers, property owners liability.
Should your family and pets not be able to stay in your home due to loss or damage the insurance will cover your excess costs within reason for alternative temporary accommodation.
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Keys and Locks

Covers the replacement of keys and locks to doors, windows and alarm systems. Garages and outbuildings are often excluded please speak with your broker to ensure you are clear about what is covered and what is not.


This will cover upto a predetermined value the loss or damage to ornaments, equipment, plants, bushes, shrubs and trees whilst secured within the boundaries of your property.
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Identity Theft

If your identity is used without your knowledge or consent and your identity details have been used to illegally obtain goods or services you are covered. Always check your policy schedule to see if this has been provided or speak to your broker.

Home Assistance

Should you have an emergency needing professional help such as a broken boiler or a burst pipe then this cover may prove invaluable. In some cases you may not need this cover inform your broker should you already have a separate policy that may cover you.
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Family Legal Protection

Will cover the cost of legal representation should you require it. Different insurers may have different cover values, options and exclusions your broker will explain everything before you take out any insurance policy.
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