spotless leather interior of a car

Interior Car Cleaning Tricks

Don't forget your air vent filters!

Before and after air filter clean
Keep the air fresh clean filters

Your car may have a spotless interior, but it may smell like Stig of the dumps armpits. You may have tried everything, baking soda, air freshener even leaving the car doors open all day. Did you check your air vent filters though? If your air filters are soiled, it can fill the inside of your vehicle with those awful smells. It can also let in the mould which has gathered in your filters; this may lead to even more worrying problems such as developing respiratory diseases. So scrub your filters.

Clean interior just like magic!

Magic erasers work like magic
Clean upholstery like magic

If you have disgusting stains on your leather or vinyl seats, there is no need to worry. Clean it up in a jiffy by buying a Magic Eraser and just scrub out those stains. Dampen the eraser and gently start to rub. Soon you’ll have clean, fresh seats in no time at all.

The vaseline salesman!

Vaseline protects leather and vinyl
Keep your interior safe with vaseline

Any Billy Connoly fans out there will remember the vaseline salesman and the multitude of uses vaseline provides. Do you have a vinyl or leather interior, dab some on a cloth and polish the car interior to prevent the leather and vinyl from cracking. Add some to the rubber door seals as well that will keep them from getting brittle with the changes of temperature.

Rubber vs. pet hairs, who will win?

Rubber vs. pet hairs
Best way to remove pet hairs

Pets can shed a lot of hair. You can try a whole host of things to get rid of them nuisance hairs with little to no success. As it turns out all you need is a spray bottle of water and a squeegee or a rubber marigold glove. Spray the water on and then squeegee or stroke with your glove to remove hairs from the seats.

Bring a little of the Mediterranean to your dash!

Olive oil on your dashboard
Keep leather stain free

Cleaning leather is one of the hardest things to do. If you use the wrong product on it, the leather can stain, and your interior will be looking patchy. Instead, use a little drop of olive oil, put it on a cloth or towel, and rub it in circles to bring the leather back to life. Olive oil lasts a while, so you won’t need to use that often.

Exile those nasty pongs with baking soda!

Remove nasty whiffs with baking soda
Remove pongs with baking soda

Eradicating nasty pongs from your upholstery can be a chore but just buy some baking soda, sprinkle it on the offending areas and leave it for a while. Then it's just a simple case of grabbing the vacuum and sucking up the baking soda and say goodbye to bad odours.

Cupcake moulds in your cupholders

Cup Cake Cup Holder Protectors
Protect cup holders with cup cake moulds

Cupholders are the hiding places for sticky icky stuff. Those disgusting beds of germ-infested filth need sterilising. A clever way to keep them clean however is putting cupcake moulds at the bottom. That way, you can take out the dirty moulds, clean them and have fresh and clean cup holders all year round.

Clean Out Cup Holders by putting a sock on it!

Neat cup holder cleaning trick
Sock it to dirt in the cup holders

Do you remember when you spilt coffee in your cup holder back in 2014? Well, it’s now about to evolve most likely. However, you can get that cup holder nice and clean again. You will need a cup, an old sock and spray that sock with window cleaner or dampen it with some mild soapy water with vinegar. Place the sock over the cup and put the cup down into the cup holder, twist it a few times and lift it out. Now your cup holder should be a lot cleaner.

No more pegs on your nose!

Clothes peg scented car
Novel and cheap air freshener

Is your car smelly? What should do you do? Sprays and car fresheners often smell of chemicals and don't last long. Making your car smell fresh again without too much expense is quite easy. Take a wooden clothes peg, soak in essential oils and peg it to your air vent. Viola, a cheap, alternative to make your car smell nice again.

Keep your interior tidy with a little rubbish bin

Waste paper Bin Tidy
Keep litter at bay with a bin

Cars can end up like rubbish tips. Kids crisps and sweet packets, fast food bags and containers, empty drinks bottles all end up in the footwells of your vehicle making it look very untidy. Just put a small wastepaper basket and put it in your car as a place to keep the rubbish, just don't forget to empty it now and then.

Floor mats horror? Not anymore!

Car mat cleaning trick
Before and after car mats

Car’s floor mats get disgustingly dirty. They’re gross. But why should have to go to the trouble of expensive carpet shampoos and cleaners? Grab your mats, spray some stain remover on them, and then throw them in the washing machine with some detergent and put on a gentle wash, do not spin you could break your machine instead hang them out to dry.

Put a sheet under car seats

Sheets for easy car cleaning
Easily crumb maintenance for kids seats

If you have children, you'll have a car seat or two. When you remove them, you usually find all the crumbs and things that missed their mouths while they were eating in your vehicle. Vacuuming the car out after every trip and cleaning the seats takes time and with children, time is not something we have a lot of to spare. So place a sheet underneath, and then when things fall through the car seat, the sheet will happily collect them up for you.

Use an iron to get out sticky messes

Remove sticky substances with an iron
Gooey sweet removal easy peasy

If your child drops a sticky sweet on your carpets and it melts into the fabric, you may think that you are doomed. Do not fear, for you are not alone. Grab a thick sheet of paper and put it on the sticky stain. Then take the hot iron and put it on the paper for 20-30 seconds. The mess will adhere to the paper and leave your car looking good again.

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