Are you a Laser Tag Top Gun?

Back in the early 90's, I was one of the lucky first few to try out a new shooting game that had come to the UK. Q-ZAR (later called Quasar) had been a huge hit out in Australia and thanks to the company I worked for at the time, Arlington Leisure; I was going to be one of the first to try it out in the UK.

I used to work for Mr B's Arcade just one of 5 found in traditional seaside towns up and down the country, from as far north as Blackpool right the way down to Margate on the south coast. I was working at our Weston-Super-Mare branch at the time, and the first proposed Quasar site was going to be at our Southend-on-Sea premises, so a group of us travelled to Southend to try out the new facility.

As a huge science fiction fan, lover of all things Star Wars and an avid watcher of Star Trek the idea of running around shooting colleagues with a laser blaster came high up on my bucket list of stuff to do before I died. I have no shame at being young at heart and still love play time some 25 years later (I have a son, and that makes for a valid excuse in most cases).

What I never realised was that a quarter of a century later I would be helping operators, and business owners discover the best brokers that arrange laser tag insurance for their businesses.

Laser Tag History

Q-Zar (Quasar in the UK) is a form of laser tag game and believe it or not laser tag has quite a history from what I can see. Originally as a concept, it was first introduced by the US Military to help train recruits around the late 70s and early 80s, it was originally called the Miles system.

Then a toy manufacturer first used an infra-red beam and a sensor in 1979 as the Star Trek Phaser Gun Set (way out of my parents budget at the time).

Then in 1982, George Carter III began designing an arena-based system an idea he had had back in 77 while watching Star Wars.

Game Mechanics

The systems used for laser tag games vary considerably, so the mechanics are usually closely linked to the hardware in use. The idea is to shoot your opponents sensor without being hit yourself, and there is a huge variety of scenarios and game types to immerse yourself in and enjoy.

Unlike other shooting games such as paintball or airsoft, there are no projectiles fired; this makes the games somewhat safer and able to be enjoyed by a wider age band.

While it is safer to play, operators will still want to ensure they are correctly insured.

Playing the Game

There are many game types to play too such as capture the flag or domination, and there are World championship games now too, so laser tag is trendy the world over. The first world championship held in San Diego attended by teams from several countries including Australia, Finland, and Sweden.

But if you're in the UK and fancy trying out a game, there are centres all over the UK.

If you are a business owner thinking of starting up a laser tag arena call us for an idea on the cost of your insurance and when it comes we will happily provide you with a more defined quotation.

With winter well on its way now indoor games seem much more appealing to someone like me, so laser tag is a great option amongst the indoor activities available to the young at heart.

Well, looking back 25 years and knowing I was one of the first Quasar top guns makes me want to go and play again, now if I could only convince the rest of my colleagues this would be a useful team-building exercise the company might cover the cost too! Well if you don't try! You don't get. We will be covering more on this subject very soon and hopefully an article with one of our managers and their day out Laser tagging with the family.

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