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Liability Insurance for Direct Sellers

Running a business is not easy, but protecting it should be!

Many people wouldn't dream of not insuring their car or home yet when it comes to insuring their business; some do not take the right steps to protect themselves. Without this cover, you as the individual can be held responsible and may have to pay all costs of compensation awarded.

At Liability1st we believe in providing you, the direct seller with an uncomplicated insurance solution that affords you the correct cover.

Selecting the right kind of policy can be tiresome. Answer these questions, which may help to determine what your business liability insurance needs are

Q1. Could someone be injured or their property damaged while you do business with them?

Almost all businesses can answer yes to this question, but many underestimate their exposure to this risk. Our policies start at a £2m limit of indemnity; this can be increased to £5m if required.

Q2. Could the products you sell, provide or use cause damage or harm?

It’s perhaps easy to imagine a coffee shop needing to protect themselves from slips on wet floors and hot drink burns, but sometimes harder to understand why someone working from home may need cover. However, each business type has its own risk associated with it, and cover can be obtained through one or more of the following policies:

  • Public Liability will protect you the policyholder from claims made against you for injuries and damage to other people’s property. If you or an employee accidentally injure or damage property while performing your work. Depending upon your business this may be the only kind of insurance you will need.

  • Products Liability Insurance protects you the policyholder, against defective products and the demonstration of these products, which may cause harm. Manufacturers, Wholesalers or Distributors may benefit from this cover as they are accountable for product safety. However, if you are unsure that your supplier has this cover or that your distributorship covers the demonstration of the products it is included free of charge under Public Liability

  • Employers Liability is a compulsory legal requirement if you employ anyone. Insurers provide cover up to £10m. Employer's liability applies to all friends, relatives, voluntary helpers, unpaid staff and all other staff where there is a master/servant relationship.

    If it is a family run business and not a limited company, then you may be exempt from having to obtain employer's liability cover, but it is always best to speak with your broker.

Q3. Do you require cover for the stock you store at home, have in transit or hold while at an event?

Not every business is the same here as some do not carry large amounts of stock, but at Liability1st we have for the last ten years established ourselves to meet the demands and needs of the self-employed direct seller. If this cover is required, we can cover your stock, subject to the policy wording, which can be previewed before purchase.

Our robust liability insurance product has stood the test of time for over ten years, and our cover is designed to protect those individuals or businesses with whom you are in direct contact with when undertaking your business, your customers.

Hopefully, we can help protect you too, so what are you waiting for, see us here liability1st.co.uk

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