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New Wave Mechanical Music

Candy floss, colourful lights, the smell of onions cooking drifting amongst the stalls and tents, bells, whistles and sirens permeate the fairground and over the top of all that the melodic tunes being pumped out from the fairground rides and organs. For many of us, this is what we think of when we talk about mechanical music, those childhood memories linger and even as we grow older we still love all the fun of the fair.

So what does mechanical music really refer to?

Any apparatus that not only produces sounds but also one that chooses the notes apparently qualifies. There are so many instruments that you could call mechanical, pianos, guitars even the pipe organ found in London's Royal Albert Hall have many mechanisms but are not considered mechanical as it still takes a musician to choose and play the notes.

I recently watched the new HBO series Westworld which features heavily a player piano, often a central part of each series as it often sets the tone with carefully selected melodies that carry through the storyline or have some other significance. This got me thinking where else today do they use mechanical music? Is there a new breed of mechanical music lovers out there testing their design and engineering abilities against their creativity and that's when I stumbled on the video above.

It was whilst watching this that those old familiar words crept into my mind, youngsters turn away now the oldies are talking. If you grew up in the 60s and 70s these words may be familiar "The Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Organ". Yes, of course, it was Bagpuss and those mice were an industrious little bunch. The problem is now I'm walking around the office answering every question with a squeaky voice singing "We will fix it, we will fix it, we will fix it and make it new! new! new!", The younger members of our team are now very cautious when approaching me.

Amazing Musical Creation

Back on topic, I was glad to see that even today many people are devoted to keeping mechanical music around for more generations to enjoy. Collectors and even museums dedicated to preserving some of the older and most valuable pieces are growing in their numbers. Another great way to see these amazing machines up close is to attend one of the UK's steam fairs or steam rallies. The good old steam engines or traction engines are synonymous with and often provide the power for many of the older fair organs and rides that employ mechanical music.

Of course, as with anything worth protecting collections need professional valuations and insurance specialists to provide the right cover. That's where we come in. At T and R Insurance a trading name of Primo plc we specialise in arranging, obtaining and providing niche insurance cover for collectors of mechanical music apparatus. Collections, especially those that go on show at various locations need very particular cover for when they are kept at their home location and also for when they are being transported and held at shows, exhibitions, rallies etc.

If you happen to be the owner of a beautiful mechanical music collection or perhaps you need cover for a different type of collection? Perhaps you require cover for the transportation of cargo or freight speak with our team and they will look after you.

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