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Mechanical Music Insurance

Musical Machine Collectors Insurance

For a competitive quote to cover your mechanical music aparatus get in touch with the mechanical music insurance experts. We care about your collection and want to see it insured correctly.

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Specialist Insurance

Mechanical music is produced by self-playing, or automatic musical instruments; these may be versions of pianos or organs, or unique instruments such as musical boxes or organettes. In all cases, rather than being selected by the fingers of a human hand, musical notes are determined mechanically by a programme either pinned on wooden barrels or metal cylinders, or punched on discs or strips of metal, card or paper.

We can offer insurance for Organs of every description – Fair Organs, Dance Organs, Street Organs and Concert Organs together with Musical Boxes, Automata, Mechanical Pianos and Reproducing Pianos and Trailers which form part of a collection.

We have a unique Master Cover for Mechanical Music Fine Arts that includes All Risks Cover.

More than 100 collectors of mechanical music are already involved with this special scheme which allows the owner complete freedom of movement – no restrictions on the number of trips undertaken each year.

  • All Risks Policy

    Please speak to the broker who will be happy to discuss any exclusions or conditions enforced by the chosen insurer.

Exclusive Benefits

Complete freedom of movement – no restrictions on the number of trips undertaken each year.

Join with more than 100 other collectors of mechanical music and speak to us now.

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Our brokers ensure obtaining your insurance is simple and straightforward
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Correctly covering your business gives you great peace of mind.

We can arrange insurance for a wide range of mechanical music items.

See below for some examples of the magical items we can arrange cover for.
Photo of a colourfully lit carousel with fair organ

Fair Organs

There's no sound that gives many that sense of nostalgia quite like the joyful tones from a traditional fairground. For those that lovingly restore, collect and inevitably show fans the world over their fair organs we can arrange insurance for your fair organ.

Dance Organs

Back to a time when entertainment was a much grander affair we have the old-time dance organs. Again our experts are on hand should you need a non-restrictive insurance policy for your dance organ or collection of mechanical music marvels.
Photo of the Gaudin Dance Organ in Paris
Photo of a mobile street organ

Street Organs

One of the joys of high street shopping locally is the Christmas market and along with the smell of roasting chestnuts the familiar tones of the annual street organ whose notes dance on the breeze and warm the soul. Nothing makes us happier than to know we are helping to protect another unique instrument with an insurance policy for street organs.
When it comes to mechanical music the most elite and prestige piece of apparatus must be the concert organ. Our current market provides excellent cover with some very flexible benefits. Our experts are waiting for your call to arrange your concert organ insurance.
Huge pipes of a concert organ
Collectors music box with a brass barrel encased in wood and glass cabinet

Musical Boxes

Music boxes come in all shapes and sizes and their values are just as varied, prices can range from a few pounds to a few thousand. Having cover that doesn't restrict the collector from attending events the world over was our main concern when approaching markets to find the right insurance for music box collections.


One of the earliest forms of robotics, automata has been used for toys to huge art installations and everything in between. Tradional automata is often paired up with mechanical music machines to put on a truly spectacular show. We can arrange insurance for your automata too.
A collection of fascinating automata
Image of a mechanical piano

Mechanical Pianos

Mechanical piano insurance is not the easiest thing to find in these modern times, which is why our brokers, who deal with mechanical music, worked hard alongside insurance providers to find a cover package that correctly insures your mechanical music collection.

Reproducing Pianos

Whenever I see one of these wonderful pianos it always conjures up images of the wild west saloons. Often delighting adults and causing wonder and amazement in children reproducing pianos are truly magical and deserve to be covered correctly.
Picture of a reproducing piano with scrolling music sheet

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