"They insure all my vehicles at home in one, hassle free policy."

Tim Harvey - Bristish Racing Driver

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Multi-Vehicle Insurance

Own more than three vehicles then why not insure them all on one single policy? The multi-vehicle cover is built around you. Ideal for small private vehicle collections with cover for many different types of automobiles, all of which can be included, such as, standard cars, bikes and vans, classic cars, bikes and vans, modified cars, bikes and vans, as well as campers and motorhomes or any combination of the above. All on one policy with one renewal date.

Arranged by Primo plc

Say goodbye to multiple renewal letters and policies – say hello to one policy covering ALL the vehicles you own.

A saloon car for the working week, a sports car for weekends, a motorcycle for blasts in the sun, a motorhome for holidays, a 4x4 for towing – whatever your wheels and regardless of how many you have, Primo plc's Multi-Vehicle Insurance makes insuring them affordable and convenient.

It's all about YOU

Other multi-vehicle insurance policies are just a multitude of single policies bundled together. As a result, they can be expensive, wasteful and inflexible.

Our Multi-Vehicle Insurance is simply ONE policy built around YOU and not the vehicles you own unlike other multi-vehicle policies. That's why we can provide cover for everything from a motorcycle to a motorhome, a saloon to a supercar, a quad bike to a tractor – because the policy is built around YOU.

Your personal risk profile, where you live, the combined value of the vehicles you own – these are the factors Primo plc takes into account and not the individual risk factors associated with each vehicle you own.

Our multiple vehicle insurance – the difference:


  • Created by independent insurance experts
  • Green card for 90 days continental use
  • Covers you and named drivers


  • One simple application
  • One comprehensive policy
  • One renewal date regardless of changes


  • The more you insure, the more you could save
  • Built around you to save you money


  • Insure as many automobiles as you choose
  • Covers all types of vehicles from supercars to classics, from runabouts to motorbikes
  • Change vehicles without changing your renewal date

What types of vehicle does the policy cover?

Yellow convertible and a yellow motorcycle

Cars & Motorcycles

As well as standard cars and bikes we can also cover classic and modified cars and bikes too all under the same policy with one renewal date.
VW camper sat by the water

Campers & Motorhomes

Many of us love the great outdoors but trying to find a policy that can include your camper or motorhome can be tricky, thankfully not for us.
Small white commercial vehicle

Small Commercial

Yes, you may add small commercial vehicles to your policy and even some specialist vehicles. Talk to your broker to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Multi-Vehicle insurance, is that just another name for multi-car insurance?

    No, we call it multi-vehicle as we are able to cover cars, vans, bikes, motorhomes etc. which other Insurers cannot.
  • What sort of other vehicles can you add to my policy? Other companies offer bikes and vans?

    As well as multiple cars we can also add bikes, vans, motorhomes, quad bikes – Pretty much anything with wheels that goes on the road.
  • I currently receive a multi-car discount will I get a similar discount or at least save some money by insuring my vehicles with you?

    Generally, the more vehicles you cover, the better the insurance discounts are, also what many people forget to take into account is they also save a lot of time.
  • Does my age matter?

    Yes, premiums are generally more expensive for younger inexperienced drivers and also older drivers over 75. All drivers on our multi-vehicle insurance must be 25 or over.
  • If I need to make a claim who should I contact?

    In the event you should need to initialise the claim process please call the following number 0800 0356327

Let's get you covered as quickly and simply as possible

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What do motoring enthusiats think?

John Evans with 3 vehicles from Bond movie

John Evans, Journalist

"I'm impressed with any motor insurance policy that can insure not only a collection of vehicles 'under one roof' but such vastly different ones, too. Of course, the key to this policy, and what makes it so interesting, is that it's built around the policyholder rather than the vehicles being insured. At last, an insurer that considers its customer. 'Meanwhile, the ability to add, remove and change vehicles at any point in the policy's life without requiring a separate renewal date is hugely convenient."

Honest John

"How often have you wished that you could insure several cars on a single policy and wondered why it was such a problem? I get a regular flow of e-mails on this subject and so I was more than interested when I got a call from Paul Kirby of Primo plc."

Journalist - Telegraph - HonestJohn.co.uk

Photo of honest John telegraph journalist
Roger Shackleton automotive author

Roger Shackleton

“I have found Primo’s services to be second to none! Insurance requirements have included now-classic marques such as: MG, original Mini, SS Jaguar, Westfield, Morgan, Aston Martin, Lotus & TVR right up to the present day. Bespoke cover has been readily provided as part of a ‘customer first’ experience with attention to one's personal requirements. Flexibility, peace-of-mind and value for money have been Primo’s hallmarks. I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone with multiple-vehicles should speak to a member of their helpful staff. A first class outcome is guaranteed!”

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