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Foulness Island Bike Ride

Numerous organised bike rides and events occur in Essex and its surrounding areas, promoting cycling as a recreational activity or for charitable causes. The money raised will go to (The Spotlight Radiotherapy Appeal) or your chosen charity.

Primo's dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting local causes, and fostering meaningful connections with the community.

19 May 2021

Everything You Wanted to Know About Direct Selling

What exactly is modern direct selling? Let's take a look into how it works, the pros and cons, what's required and tips and advice from genuine direct sellers.

28 Jan 2021

Why Multi-Vehicle Owners are Rejoicing

It's not just private vehicle collectors; anyone who owns more than three vehicles is currently overjoyed at how much time and money the cover we arrange saves them.
12 Oct 2020

Are Business Insurance Payouts Taxable in the UK?

We'll take a look at business interruption insurance and whether your payout from an insurer is taxable.
20 Sep 2020

Risk Assessment Support

Several UK organisations are providing e-learning, information and support to small businesses who are trying to keep people safe.
18 May 2020

Lock Down Restrictions Easing Our Guide to Buying a Used Car

Boris Johnson announced that people need to try and avoid public transport so many people may be thinking of alternatives like using their vehicles.
Cyclist sat with bike
03 February 2020

How Would You Like To Pay £40,000 in Legal Fees?

Cyclist Andy Airey thought he'd claim after an incident with a QBE insured driver.
Rear of modified BMW
02 December 2019

How Do Modifications Affect Your Insurance?

We take a look at vehicle modifications what they are, how insurers see them and how they can affect your insurance premiums.

people gather round fete stalls
10 June 2019

Are you attending a fair or fete? (9 top tips)

You'll have numerous things you should consider when attending.

Here are our quick tips for getting the most out of your day from remembering your umbrella to ensuring you have the right insurance.

Families enjoying some inflatable fun
20 February 2019

Bouncy Castle Safety (A Guide For Parents)

We thought we'd bring attention to some of the checks you can do to safeguard against rogue traders.