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"Supporting the Community through Charity Bike Ride Sponsorship"

25 June 2023
Man holding a bicycle up on it's back wheel

Primo has always been committed to helping the community through charitable events. All of us at Primo live locally, and many of us are involved in community projects. So, we thought Primo could sponsor the medals for the Foulness Bike Ride this year.

Numerous organised bike rides and events occur in Essex and its surrounding areas, promoting cycling as a recreational activity or for charitable causes. The money raised will go to (The Spotlight Radiotherapy Appeal) or your chosen charity. .

Primo's dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting local causes, and fostering meaningful connections with the community.

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Organised Event Fees and Expenses

Included Cover
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Event Information

Event Information, Charity Information and an FAQ

Foulness Island Bike Ride

Sunday 23 July

  • 11 – 23 mile route options
  • £22 adult/£11 child/£55 family (10% groups of 10+ discount)
  • Details and registration:
  • Hosted by Southend City Rotary Club
  • Benefiting Spotlight Radiotherapy Appeal

The Spotlight Radiotherapy Appeal

Event FAQ

Courtesy of Southend City Rotary

When does online registration close?

Online registration will close at 6pm on Saturday 22nd July 2023.
Bicycle silhouette

Why is the start time I want not available?

Start times are allocated on a first come basis. We have to control departures for safety.
Clock silhouette

Can I register on the day?

It is unlikely that we will be able to offer registration on the day.
cross silhouette

How much is the cost of registration?

Adult £22, Child £11, Family £55 (2 Adults + 2 Children)
cash register silhouette

Do I need a special Bike to take part?

No, but there is a section of Gravel Road so you should have tyres to cope with Gravel. Bikes should be checked before the Ride and in good working order.
Bicycle silhouette

How old do you have to be to enter?

You must be 16 years of age to register ’individually’ Children under 16 can be added to an Adult registration.
tick silhouette

My Child travels in a seat on my Bike, do I need to register them?

Yes, they must be registered as we have to account for everyone on the Island and they must have a Rider Number.

How long is the ride?

It is approximately 11 miles to Churchend and back. Each loop is approximately 4 miles. Most riders aim to do 3 loops making a total of 23 miles but it is the rider's choice.

What happens if my bike breaks?

Help is at hand and we will recover you to The Start if required.
tools silhouette

What time does the ride finish?

We need to be clear of the Island by 4pm. The loop from Churchend closes at 1.30pm.
clock silhouette

Are there refreshments on route?

Yes, we have a catering franchise at Churchend. The Heritage Centre offers refreshments, cake, etc. and is well worth a visit.
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What does the entry fee cover?

The entry fee covers the cost of setting up the ride, Insurance and the Licence.
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I’ve registered – what next?

As soon as you register you will receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing link(s) to download your rider pack(s).
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Why do I have to wear a helmet?

It is the terms of the event Insurance that helmets are worn.
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Why am I being asked to select a Charity?

Riders usually choose to do the Ride and raise sponsorship for a Charity of their choice. We are recommending that riders raise sponsorship for The Spotlight Radiotherapy Appeal. This is not compulsory and a small donation to Rotary is always appreciated.
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What happens if I feel unwell or are unable to complete the ride?

First Aid facilities and transport back to the start are available.
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Where does the ride start?

The ride starts at Cupids Country Club, Cupids Chase, Southend on Sea, SS3 0AX.
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Is there Car Parking?

Yes, we have the use of a field in Shoebury Road, Great Wakering which is signposted on the morning. what3words ///verb.scoots.pasting
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The Importance of Charity Bike Rides:

Charity bike rides involve participants cycling a distance to raise funds for charitable causes. These events serve several vital purposes and have numerous benefits:

three people organising stand


Charity bike rides primarily aim to raise funds for charitable organisations or specific causes. Participants typically seek sponsors who donate money based on the distance they ride or a flat amount. These funds support various initiatives such as medical research, education, environmental conservation, disaster relief, or helping disadvantaged communities. Charity bike rides provide a platform for individuals to contribute to causes they care about and make a tangible difference in the lives of others.
volunteer chatting to member of public

Awareness and Advocacy:

Charity bike rides can also be powerful awareness-raising tools. By participating in these events, cyclists draw attention to the cause they support. They become ambassadors and advocates, spreading awareness about important issues and encouraging others to get involved. The visibility generated through these rides can help educate the public, challenge stigmas, and promote positive change.
Putting walker in a car

Physical and Mental Health:

Cycling is an excellent form of exercise that offers numerous health benefits. Charity bike rides allow participants to engage in physical activity, improving cardiovascular fitness, strength, and stamina. Regular cycling can also help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Additionally, cycling promotes mental well-being, reduces stress, and boosts mood. Participating in charity bike rides allows individuals to combine their desire to contribute to a cause with the benefits of exercise, creating a win-win situation.
community and volunteers

Community Building:

Charity bike rides often unite people from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal. Participants connect with like-minded individuals, forming a sense of community and camaraderie. These events foster a positive and supportive environment, encouraging teamwork and mutual encouragement. Cyclists often form lasting friendships and build networks of individuals dedicated to making a difference. The collective effort of everyone involved in the ride creates a strong bond and a shared sense of accomplishment.
volunteer hugging a person

Personal Challenge and Achievement:

Personal Challenge and Achievement: Charity bike rides present participants with a unique challenge. The physical and mental demands of cycling long distances require dedication, training, and perseverance. Completing a charity bike ride can be a significant personal achievement, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. Participants gain a sense of pride and fulfilment, knowing they have overcome obstacles to support a worthy cause.
four volunteers inspiring each other

Inspiring Others:

Charity bike rides have the power to inspire others to take action. When people witness the commitment and passion of cyclists participating in these events, they may be motivated to get involved. The ripple effect created by these inspiring acts of charity can lead to increased engagement, more volunteers, and outstanding overall support for important causes.
    In summary, charity bike rides are crucial in fundraising, raising awareness, promoting physical and mental health, building communities, fostering personal growth, and inspiring others. They are impactful events that unite people for a common purpose and create positive societal change.

    Primo Insurance Brokers' Sponsorship:

    So, let's talk about the medals. As you may know, Primo is also committed to being green, so this year's medals are made from wood. We all want to recognise those taking part. Still, we also want to ensure that the charity receives as much money towards its goal as possible, and the wooden medals are more cost-effective than metal. A win, win.

    Goodluck to all the Riders

    Mysterious Foulness Island

    Foulness Island, located on the east coast of England in the county of Essex, is indeed a fascinating place with a unique history. Being the fourth largest island in the UK, it is known for its intriguing past, military connections, and distinct character. Here's an overview of the history of Foulness Island:
    Old Foulness postcard showing windmill

    Early History:

    Foulness Island has a history dating back centuries. It was originally formed through sediment deposition in the estuary of the River Thames. The name "Foulness" is derived from the Old English word "fugelnes," meaning "bird headland," suggesting its significance as a haven for birds and wildlife.
    Foulness Heritage Center

    Medieval Era:

    During the medieval period, Foulness Island was primarily used for agricultural purposes, with the local inhabitants engaging in farming and fishing activities. The island was characterized by its fertile farmland, marshes, and salt pans.
    Small Bunkers

    Military Connections:

    In the late 19th century, the British government recognized the strategic value of Foulness Island and acquired a large portion of it for military purposes. The War Office (later the Ministry of Defence) took ownership of the island to establish a military testing and evaluation site. The island's remote location and expansive area made it ideal for conducting experiments, trials, and weapon testing away from densely populated areas.
    Used Ammunition Shells

    Military Testing and Research:

    Over the years, Foulness Island became a hub for military research, particularly in the fields of armament, explosives, and ordnance. Numerous facilities were built, including firing ranges, laboratories, and testing grounds. The island played a vital role in the development and evaluation of various weapons and technologies for the British armed forces.
    Warning Sign

    Limited Access and Secrecy:

    Due to its military significance, access to Foulness Island was restricted and tightly controlled. Civilian access was heavily regulated, and the island gained a reputation for its secrecy. Security measures were put in place to ensure the protection of classified information and the safety of military personnel.

    Modern Era:

    In recent years, Foulness Island has undergone some changes. With the reduction in military activities, parts of the island have been returned to civilian use. However, the Ministry of Defence retains ownership of a significant portion, maintaining limited public access and continuing its operations related to defense research and testing.
      Today, Foulness Island remains an intriguing and somewhat mysterious place. Its unique military history and restricted access have contributed to its reputation as a place shrouded in secrecy. The island's diverse landscapes, including salt marshes, farmland, and wildlife habitats, make it an area of ecological importance. While it may not be the fourth largest island in the UK, Foulness Island's distinct character and historical significance continue to intrigue visitors and researchers alike.

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