Primo plc and FML Insurance Join in to Help Project Tick Tock

Primo plc and FML Insurance Services are both Southend based financial businesses offering insurance brokerage services catering to a wide range of personal and business concerns. Both companies have been operating in Southend for many years.

FML was established in 1992 and Primo plc has been around even longer going back to 1971 but neither has been a part of Southend's heritage as long as Jones Memorial Ground, Priory Park, Victory Sports Ground and the Clock which for many years hung above R. A. Jones & Sons Jewellers, in fact, what all those things have in common is they were all donated by Mr Jones and that's why we are getting involved.

Picture of Robert Arthur Jones

The R. A. Jones' clock has been hanging above Southend's High Street since 1890. Whilst the original clock was lost during World War 2 a replacement was soon put back in its rightful place. The clock represents the owner one Mr Robert Arthur Jones a businessman and philanthropist and Southend's greatest benefactor. With this year being the 125th anniversary of the borough we heard about a little, but very important project to celebrate and recognise the Jones family and all that they have done to make Southend the great place to live that it is today.

Lost in Time

Lost in Time

The original clock was lost during the second World War. The new clock which replaced it was slimmer.

The project is simple the R. A. Jones' clock was starting to show it's age so Southend Museums Services and a group of dedicated Southend history buffs namely Ros Southend Past in Photos, Old Southend and Memories are trying to raise funds to have the clock restored in all its glory and have it rehung in its rightful place.



A great photo showing the clock and the High Street in 1979 taken by David J Smith

So, as Southend is our home too we thought we'd try and help. We came up with an idea that for every business that likes the FML Insurance Services Facebook page or our Primo plc page we will donate £1 with an upper limit of 500 Facebook likes and then attach any staff donations on top of that and present it to those concerned.

We are mainly looking at business facebook likes and they don't have to come from Southend businesses and in return, we will like their page too and donate £1 to Project Tick Tock. Just like our page mention the clock in a message or post on our page and we will do the rest.

Of course, it would also be fantastic if you just followed the link and donated to the fund here at JustGivingPage.

Here's to another 100 years of Southend heritage and hopefully another hundred years of knowing the right time in Southend.

The Original Clock

The Original Clock

A great picture of the original clock which hung above R. A. Jones' jewellers since 1890.

Terms and Conditions

1. Each Facebook Like from a business will generate £1 to the fund to a maximum of £500

2. Each business that likes our page will receive a like from both our pages in return so 2 for 1 plus the donation.

3. Likes are limited to one per business, group or person (we prefer Likes from pages rather than personal Facebook accounts)

4. Must mention the clock in a post or message on our page

5. Businesses can be based anywhere in the UK so if you don't own or run a business but know someone that does but they are not based in Southend that's OK it will count.

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