Proposal Forms the What and the Why

Proposal forms what are they?

For the uninitiated, a proposal form is simply a way for a broker to collect the necessary information from you about your business. The data gathered allows the insurer to predict the types of risk your business may face and cover you against financial loss if a claim is made. It's just one of many tools brokers use to make sure they arrange the correct levels of cover for your business. So it's very important the information you provide is accurate.

An online proposal form, as found on many of our trade pages, is very much the same and is there to cut down on the amount of time we need to keep you on the phone during business hours. In some cases, the online proposal form can be used to obtain a quote but not always, as some insurers often may need some further information or the broker may need to check something with you in the case of a typo.

Why use online proposal forms?

Online proposal forms are there for everyone's convenience. They provide a way for you the business owner to start the quote process any time of the day or night, on a variety of multimedia devices and from anywhere in the world.

Who is it convenient for the broker or you?

Both actually, in the broker's case some do work outside of normal office hours and if the form comes through they will be able to start the quote process and in some cases return a quote back in a very short space of time, this leaves many brokers with more time to talk to you if needed during business hours.

How is it convenient for you?

Simple really and works much the same way. When you run a business, finding time, especially if you're new to being the boss, can often be difficult if not impossible, there is always someone that needs something and your door or phone often doesn't stop. But you may have time to sit down with the information at hand and take your time filling out the proposal form thus fewer interruptions and less time needed during business hours to finish off obtaining your insurance.

The broker will also keep these details on file for you and if you keep your broker updated on changes to your business over the course of the year, when it comes time for you to renew, it won't take nearly as long and you can spend that time saved on getting to know your broker better instead, okay perhaps not but I'm sure you could use that time to do something, coffee anyone? Just as unlikely, I know.

I hope that helps explain the use and value of the humble proposal form. We have been working on providing online forms for a variety of trades on our website and we have been working on making them as easy to complete as possible across all the various devices we all use today. Should you have the opportunity to use one of our forms please let us know how you got on or if you have any suggestions for us on how we could improve it for you.

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