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Risk Assessment Support.

Several UK organisations are providing e-learning, information and support to small businesses who are trying to keep people safe.

Companies are now, more than ever, required to monitor and implement solutions to risks in the workplace, whether this be at the business' physical address or when staff are working from home. The current pandemic means everyone is currently adjusting to a new way of life, and that means finding workable ways in which to conduct business safely.

Adapting and refining your risk assessment in this modern business climate is a challenge, with staff and resources stretched having effective practices in place to manage risks to staff, customers and supply chains are essential.

Gov.UK, SHP and HSE all provide information on risk assessments; however, one organisation MAKE UK is going that little bit further to offer not only information but free E-Learning and Webinars. The training has been set-up with a focus on the basic understanding of risk assessments.

You can book your place online. There are no pre-requisites, and the webinar's duration is between 20 and 30 minutes, there are several dates available.

Of course, there are purchasable courses too which go into depth much further as well as other training solutions and offers.

Risk Assessment Webinar
Free Risk Assessment e-learning

The introductory course offered by MAKE UK covers the following areas:-

  • Introduction to risk assessment
  • Key terms and regulatory requirements
  • The risk assessment process
  • Potential problems and the impact of getting it wrong

MAKE UK offer a range of solutions, insights and support:-

  • Ensure their staff and workplace are safe;
  • Keep organisations compliant;
  • Reduce risks to operations and make sure they stay open;
  • Ensure they are COVID–Secure
Should you wish to contact them their email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call them on 0808 168 5874

Barbour free risk assessment template

For those operating within the construction industry and needing construction insurance, Barbour is providing a free risk assessment covering the following:-

Barbour free risk assessment template

Travelling to work;

Driving at work;

Site access and egress;


Moving around the site;

General site work;


Site meetings;


Vulnerable groups;

Toilet facilities;

Canteens and rest areas;

First aid and emergency response;

Changing facilities, showers and drying rooms;

Illness and suspected COVID-19 cases;


You may obtain this free template by following this link COVID-19 construction site risk assessment template

Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive a government body dedicated to health and safety in the workplace have a great resource covering risk assessments and COVID-19 it goes more into depth on keeping your place of business "COVID secure" with sections outlining...
  • Overview

  • Risk assessment

  • Talk to workers and provide information

  • Work from home

  • Make your workplace ‘COVID secure’

  • Protect vulnerable workers

  • Cleaning, hygiene and hand sanitiser

  • Where to get further help

With the likelihood of a second wave fast approaching and possible further restrictions being put in place, it is a good idea to ensure your insurance is up to date.

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