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There's an old saying, you must have heard it once or twice and it says, "Time is Money". But time is more than just money to many people, it's time spent with family and friends and time spent relaxing after spending time earning money. Time is so much more than money. No amount of money can replace the time you spend doing what you love with who you love.

As insurance brokers both Primo plc and FML Insurance Services dedicate some of our time to developing ways of tying your policies together. How does this help save you time? Well take for instance Primo plc's multi-vehicle insurance it does not only save many clients money but also saves them a lot of time too and it's not just about having all your vehicles covered in one place, making it easier when it comes to renewal. Primo plc wanted to take that and make it even better by offering you a way to tie all your vehicles into one policy and making that policy renewable just once, on one day each year.

Many multi-vehicle owners tend to source their insurance from several different providers this often leads to multiple renewal dates. We felt that that was a pretty inconvenient way of doing things and wanted to change the way it worked so it suited you the owner better. We wanted to make it more convenient and less time-consuming for everyone as the saying implies saving time saves everyone money and we pass those savings on to you. We have developed our policy so that in your first year we gather all your vehicles into that one policy and that one renewal date which will save you money but more importantly your time.

This is how it works, say your first vehicle is due for renewal in March we set that as your fixed renewal date, then say your next vehicle is due for renewal in June, we renew it in June for you but you only pay insurance cost on that vehicle to take you up to your fixed March renewal date and we can do that for all your vehicles until you have them all tied into that one date and one policy we promised.

Now, of course, most of us would like to save money too and that's where the policy stands head and shoulders above the rest because your vehicles are all on that one policy and we know you can only drive one vehicle at a time so why should we charge you as if you were driving them all at once. So the policy is calculated on the value of the vehicles and the driver which does keep the cost and time spent down to more manageable levels.

Further more, it's not just a multi-car policy, when we say multi-vehicle we mean multi-vehicle so we can cover your cars both everyday, classic and even modified the same with motorbikes we can add motorcycles standard, classic and modified, campers even small commercial vehicles, who else can offer you cover li

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