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Scaffolders Insurance

Scaffolding Business Insurance Arranged by Specialist Brokers

Welcome to our specialised Scaffolding Business Insurance service, expertly arranged by our seasoned brokers. With their deep understanding of scaffold contractors' unique risks and challenges, they have tailored a comprehensive range of insurance cover options specifically designed to protect your business interests.

Arranged by Primo
Whether you are a small-scale operation or a large scaffolding enterprise, our insurance solutions are customised to suit your needs effectively.
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Key Insurance Coverages for Scaffold Contractors:

  • Public Liability Insurance:

    Public liability insurance is a fundamental component of scaffolding business insurance. It protects your business against financial losses arising from claims made by third parties for injury or property damage caused by your scaffolding operations. This coverage is crucial as scaffold-related incidents can lead to significant liabilities.
  • Employers Liability Insurance:

    Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for businesses that employ staff, including full-time, part-time, or temporary workers. It protects your company against claims from employees who suffer injuries or illnesses during their work. As a responsible scaffolding contractor, having this coverage ensures compliance with legal obligations and financial protection in case of workplace accidents.
  • Contract Works Insurance:

    Contract works insurance, also known as Contractors All Risks (CAR) insurance, covers your scaffolding projects and materials against damage or loss during construction. This includes coverage for scaffolding equipment, materials, and structures in transit, on-site, or storage. It safeguards your investments and ensures project continuity despite unexpected incidents.
  • Tools and Equipment Insurance:

    Scaffolding contractors heavily rely on specialised tools, equipment, and machinery. Tools and equipment insurance protects these valuable assets against theft, damage, or breakdowns, allowing your business to operate smoothly without financial setbacks due to equipment-related issues.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI):

    Professional indemnity insurance is essential for scaffolding contractors providing design or consultancy services. It covers legal fees and compensation payments in case of claims alleging professional negligence, errors, or omissions in your services, advice, or designs.
  • Business Interruption Insurance:

    Business interruption insurance provides financial protection against income losses resulting from unexpected events that disrupt your scaffolding operations. This could include fire damage, severe weather incidents, or other insured perils that temporarily halt your business activities.

Why Choose Specialist Brokers for Your Scaffolding Insurance Needs?

  • Expertise:

    Our specialist brokers, with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction and scaffolding industry, are well-equipped to understand your risks. They can recommend tailored insurance solutions that effectively mitigate these risks, instilling confidence in protecting your business.
  • Customised Coverage:

    We work closely with you to assess your business operations, risks, and coverage requirements. This ensures your insurance policy is not just a standard package but a customised solution that meets your unique needs and adequately protects your business assets and liabilities, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Access to Leading Insurers:

    Through our partnerships with leading insurers in the UK, we can secure competitive premiums without compromising the quality and breadth of coverage. Knowing that reputable insurers back your insurance policy gives you peace of mind.
  • Claims Support:

    In the unfortunate event of a claim, our team is here to provide dedicated claims support. We guide you through the claims process, liaise with insurers on your behalf, and strive for timely and fair claim resolutions. This comprehensive support minimises disruptions to your business operations, ensuring you feel secure even in challenging times.
  • Risk Management Advice:

    Beyond insurance, we offer valuable risk management advice to help you proactively identify and mitigate potential hazards in your scaffolding operations. This proactive approach can reduce the frequency and severity of incidents, ultimately leading to lower insurance costs over time.
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Simply fill out our quote form with as much detail as possible. Once our brokers receive your form they will begin the quote process.
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Your assigned broker is happy to answer your concerns. Alternatively check out the FAQ directly below.
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Cover Options

Click a listed cover option for more information such as why you may or may not need this extra cover.


Scaffolders who have any of the following will benefit from our current market discounts.
  • Claims Free Discount Up To 7 Years
  • Number of Years Established
  • Members Of A Trade Association
  • Focus On New Build
  • PDH Bias Business
  • Good Health & Safety Processes

Free Programme

Our most competitive insurer currently offers all our clients a FREE online H&S/risk management programme worth £250+ which includes risk assessments/method statements, templates, H&S advice, HR advice amongst many other benefits.
Chalk board with the words, where do I start?, written in white chalk
Simply fill out our quote form with as much detail as possible. Once our brokers receive your form they will begin the quote process.
Chalkboard with question written in white and we can help in yellow
Your assigned broker is happy to answer your concerns. Alternatively check out the FAQ directly below.
Chalkboard with consulting written across the middle.
Okay so you're all covered, that peace of mind is great. But should you ever require our help further request a callback.

Scaffolding Insurance FAQ: Protect Your Scaffolding Business and Projects | Primo

  • What is scaffolding insurance, and why is it essential for scaffolding businesses in the UK?

    Scaffolding insurance is a specialised insurance policy designed to protect scaffolding contractors and businesses from various risks associated with their operations. It is crucial for financial protection, legal compliance, and safeguarding business assets and liabilities.
  • What types of insurance coverages are typically included in scaffolding insurance policies?

    Scaffolding insurance policies typically include public liability insurance, employers' liability insurance, contract works insurance, tools and equipment insurance, professional indemnity insurance (if applicable), and business interruption insurance.
  • Is public liability insurance mandatory for scaffolding businesses in the UK?

    Public liability insurance is often mandatory for scaffolding businesses in the UK. It protects against claims from third parties for injury or property damage caused during scaffolding operations.
  • What does employers' liability insurance cover for scaffolding businesses?

    Employers' liability insurance covers claims from employees for work-related injuries or illnesses. It is a legal requirement for businesses with employees in the UK, including full-time, part-time, and temporary workers.
  • Does scaffolding insurance cover damage to scaffolding equipment and materials on-site?

    Contract works insurance under scaffolding insurance policies covers damage or loss of scaffolding equipment, materials, and structures during construction projects. This coverage extends to on-site, in-transit, or storage situations.
  • What risks do tools and equipment insurance protect against for scaffolding contractors?

    Tools and equipment insurance protects scaffolding contractors against theft, damage, or breakdowns of specialised tools, machinery, and equipment used in scaffolding operations.
  • Do scaffolding insurance policies cover professional negligence claims?

    Professional indemnity insurance, if included in the policy, covers scaffolding contractors against claims of professional negligence, errors, or omissions in design, consultancy, or advisory services.
  • Can scaffolding insurance policies include coverage for business interruption losses?

    Business interruption insurance within scaffolding insurance policies provides financial protection against income losses due to unexpected events that disrupt business operations, such as fire damage or severe weather incidents.
  • Are subcontractors covered under scaffolding insurance policies?

    Depending on the policy terms and arrangements, subcontractors may be covered under scaffolding insurance policies. Scaffolding businesses must clarify subcontractor coverage with their insurance provider.
  • How can scaffolding businesses lower insurance premiums while maintaining adequate coverage?

    Scaffolding businesses can lower premiums by implementing safety practices, maintaining equipment, accurately assessing coverage needs, working with experienced insurance brokers, and leveraging risk management strategies.
  • What steps should scaffolding businesses take in the event of an insurance claim?

    In case of a claim, scaffolding businesses should notify their insurers promptly, document the incident thoroughly, cooperate in the claims assessment process, and seek guidance from their insurance broker for efficient claim resolution.
  • Are temporary workers covered under employers' liability insurance for scaffolding businesses?

    Employers' liability insurance typically covers temporary workers employed by scaffolding businesses, providing protection against claims for work-related injuries or illnesses.
  • Can scaffolding insurance policies cover scaffolding projects in multiple locations across the UK?

    Yes, many scaffolding insurance policies offer coverage for projects in multiple locations across the UK, subject to policy terms, territorial limits, and project-specific details.
  • What are standard exclusions in scaffolding insurance policies?

    Typical exclusions may include intentional damage, wear and tear, faulty workmanship not resulting in damage, and specific high-risk activities not disclosed to insurers.
  • Can scaffolding insurance policies be customised to suit the needs of different-sized scaffolding businesses?

    Yes, scaffolding insurance policies can be customised to suit the specific needs and risks of scaffolding businesses of varying sizes, from small-scale contractors to larger enterprises.
  • What role do insurance brokers play in obtaining scaffolding insurance in the UK?

    Insurance brokers assist scaffolding businesses in assessing risks, sourcing quotes, negotiating premiums, reviewing policy terms, providing claims support, and offering ongoing advice on risk management strategies.
  • Is it necessary for scaffolding businesses to have health and safety programs in place to qualify for insurance?

    Yes, maintaining robust health and safety programs is essential for scaffolding businesses, not only for insurance eligibility but also for ensuring a safe work environment and reducing risks of accidents or injuries.
  • Can scaffolding insurance policies cover specialist scaffolding equipment and techniques?

    Scaffolding insurance policies can include coverage for specialist equipment and techniques used in scaffolding operations, provided that these details are accurately disclosed to insurers.
  • What are the benefits of a business continuity plan for scaffolding businesses?

    A business continuity plan helps scaffolding businesses mitigate potential disruptions, reduce downtime, maintain customer relationships, and recover quickly from unexpected incidents covered by insurance.
  • How often should scaffolding businesses review and update their insurance policies?

    Scaffolding businesses should review and update their insurance policies annually or as significant changes occur in their operations, projects, or regulatory requirements. Regular reviews ensure that coverage remains adequate and relevant to business needs.

UK Scaffolders Trade Organisations

The best way to reduce your scaffolders insurance premiums is by having a trusted and safety conscience reputation. By belonging to a trade organisation alone will not result in saving you money on your insurance, however, these organisations will help you to improve your risk rating which is the key factor looked at by insurers.

Ensure your business earns a good reputation by protecting your employees and visitors to the sites you work at, below you can find details on organisations that can help you build a better business.

Scaffolding Association

Scaffolding association logo
Are the largest trade organisation in the UK scaffolding and access sector, campaigning to raise standards of safety, quality and skills.


health and safety executive logo
As a regulator, their goal is to prevent workplace death, injury or ill health by helping businesses understand the risks they create.


NASC logo
The NASC offers unparalleled membership benefits to scaffolding industry businesses of all types and turnovers.

Other Insurance For Consideration

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Driver getting in his van
Comprehensive, third party, fire and theft or third party only cover arranged for your business' vehicles.

Plant and Machinery Insurance

Commercial property insurance headed page on a clipboard with a blue background
Consider adding annual insurance cover for owned or hired-in plant and machinery to your business cover.

Commercial Property Insurance

Clipboard with a sheet of paper titled commercial property insurance
Do you need commercial property insurance in addition to liability cover? We can also arrange as a standalone policy.

Information Articles to Help Scaffolders

UK Organisations Risk Assessment Support

graphic sketch of a man showing whiteboard
Several UK organisations are providing e-learning, information and support to small businesses who are trying to keep people safe.

Information Contractors Really Need to Know

Contractors sat around a table
New regulations and the Insurance Act. Contractors in the construction industry may be in for some surprises when renewing their insurance.

Liability Insurance: How Much Is Enough?

Workers erecting scaffolding
Liability insurance is a necessity for your scaffolding business. Ensure you purchase the right levels of cover, from the right agency.

Let's get you covered as quickly and simply as possible

Help with choosing the right cover options for your business.

With so many different policies, cover extensions and options to choose from it pays to have an experienced broker on your side.
Commercial property frontage showing stock and an open sign

Buildings and Contents

What is Covered? Your buildings, fixtures and fittings: including gates, fences, car parks, as well as underground cables and pipes. It may also include cover for stock and cash on the premises and in some cases it can also provide for seasonal stock increases free of charge.

Business Interruption

If your business needs to close after a disaster like a flood or a fire, perhaps even after a forced entry business interruption insurance covers the shortfall in your business' income.
Man interrupting woman whilst working to show her something
Green and white cement mixer at building site

Contract Works

Some scaffolding projects you undertake will make you responsible for partially completed work. For instance, you're in the middle of a project, and a storm destroys the work you have done, contract works insurance could cover the cost of redoing that work. Your broker will help you determine the right level of cover needed.
Provides cover for damage to property and also damage or injury to third-parties. Damage to property can include incorrect construction, renovation damage or damage to temporary work on sites. C.A.R. policies are typically taken out by both the contractor and the employer and may have others such as finance companies named in the policy.
builders load dumper with cement
box of various tools

Tools, Materials and Equipment

Often included as part of a scaffolder insurance policy this covers loss or damage to your tools, equipment and materials while they are secured on-site.

Plant and Machinery

Cover provided for owned or hired-in plant and machinery for more information please see our full description on plant and machinery cover.
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