SEO and Obtaining Reviews

SEO has changed a lot since I first started out over 10 years ago, once upon a time add some good content, keywords and meta-tags and as many back-links as you could muster and that alone could get you to number 1 relatively easily.

Google, however, likes to keep every analyst on their toes and with so many sites today compared to back then competition is fierce and due to that Google had to improve their algorithms to offer up the best content for searches.

Writing the best content and sitting back waiting for results will get you nowhere today, nor will trying to take shortcuts, you might get away with it for a bit but they will soon catch up with you and bam your site will slip down the results. See, today, if you wanted to sum up SEO in one word, it would have to be 'credibility'.

So how do you make your site credible? The first thing to do is work for it, forget taking shortcuts or to attempt to find an easy solution, that won't get you what you want. Second is, and I'm sure you have heard is backlinks from good related sites. Yes, Google ranks on over 200 specific things to qualify rankings, showing your site is the place to go for your search terms is very important, probably the most important.

If Google sees lots of nice sites linking to your content it doesn't matter how much your site cost it will rank, so how do you get Google to recognise you? Well apart from credible backlinks another way is to get some really good reviews, but how can you get people to review your site or business?

Well here's a really nifty trick and some of you may start walking around the office shouting "Doh!" after you find out. It's really simple but you'd be surprised how few businesses do it, are you ready? O.K. here goes, YOU ASK FOR THEM, really not that hard is it?

How many times have you heard someone say "You should have asked"? it's surprising especially in business how few do it, especially smaller business. Now to help you out even further I am going to give you something that will make it even easier and will take your clients and customers through the process step by step so you don't have to.

So what do I want in return? I knew you were going to ask and the answer nothing absolutely nothing at all, but if you really wanted to you could go type FML Insurance Services into Google and give a review for my boss to read telling him how wonderful I am for sharing this with you, but that's not why I did it.

Here's an example PDF you can create

Google review guide for customers

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