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We all love our motorcycles whether you're into sports, cruisers, choppers or my new favourite custom built bike I like to call my Bobber (due to the sound it makes when I rev it up). I also love going to classic bike shows and race days and often have shown off the classic bikes I have owned over the years. We usually take our camper with the bikes firmly and securely fixed onto our trailer.

Multi-Car and Bike Insurance Nightmares

It's all well and good shopping the market to find the best deals to save a few pounds, but more often than not the time it took negated any savings

However, there is one thing I do not enjoy when it comes to my vehicles, and that is the annual hunt for insurance. Yes, I can hear your groans, this, of course, can be an absolute pain especially if you own various vehicles and classic and custom motorcycles. Hunting out different providers of said insurance cover often takes hours, and it's not just once a year at one stage I had six separate vehicles four bikes the camper and my wife's car.

VW Camper
Campers and Small Commercials can be Included

It's all well and good shopping the market to find the best deals to save a few pounds, but more often than not the time it took negated any savings I did make, and I'm sure you would agree my time was worth a lot more to me. After all, I'd prefer to be spending my time riding (or polishing my babies) not stuck on a computer or my phone dealing with insurance agents.

Taking the Pain Out of Arranging Multi-Vehicle Insurance

I wished many times for someone to remove that pain, for someone to give me back all those wasted hours and that's when one of the most bizarre coincidences happened, and I wanted to share it with you all. For years I have worked developing websites, and I landed a job with an insurance broker called Primo plc the funny thing was they had an insurance scheme called multi-vehicle insurance. Just like you, I thought it was just another multi-car type deal you see advertised all the time, but I was so wrong, and for the first time, I was happy to be so.

Classic Car
Classic and Modified Vehicles Also Included

Time-Saving Professional Service

One afternoon while chatting with our general manager I learnt that the service they provided offered so much more than just the standard multi-bike/car policy. In fact, it covered nearly every vehicle type I could think of, standard bikes and cars, classic bikes and cars even motorcycles and vehicles that have modifications or customisations. Sound good? Well, it gets even better they included my camper, and if I had owned a small commercial van (if I'm not mistaken up to about 7.5 tons) they cover that too! They also added my trailer to the policy.

If that all sounds too good to be true, then you're in for even more surprises. My renewals were spread out over several dates, and I thought that was going to be an issue as it turns out it isn't, and they add all the vehicles onto the one single policy with one renewal date, and you do not have to pay extra for the courtesy. How it works is the insurance is based on you the driver and calculated on the value of your vehicles, and you can add more motorcycles etc. to your policy at any time.

The Cover Options You Need

There has to be a catch right! As with any insurance provider, there are some exclusions.

What about multiple drivers? I hear you ask, yes they can do that for you, but they are at their best when the disparity between vehicles and drivers is at its greatest. If you, like me, are the sole driver of all your vehicles then the savings can be significant. Their motto of “You can’t drive them all at once, why insure them as if you do” really makes sense!

There has to be a catch right! As with any insurance provider, there are some exclusions the primary policyholder has to be over 25 for instance. If you have road legal racing bikes or trials bikes, they aren't covered for competition or riding/racing on the track, but most of you probably knew that already.

Orange Lamborghini
High Value and Prestige Vehicles Covered Too!

Advice For Finding a Great Deal on Multiple Vehicles

I am of course biased as I work for Primo plc but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call, and even if you only need a multi-bike insurance policy, there is some advice our general manager passed on to me that may be able to help save you a few pounds. If you currently have a multi-bike policy and are coming up for renewal, it is often worth looking at separate policies and vice-versa if you now have different policies try a multi-bike quote.

If you are offered a discount to insure more standard motorcycles in your household with the same insurer always cover the cheapest one first as the discounts offered usually apply to additional vehicles so, therefore, more expensive will provide a more significant discount. Don't forget to check insurers and brokers that are not on comparison sites such as Aviva they'll offer better value for money as those on comparison sites only try and be competitive with other providers in the same place.

The Team is Standing by For Your Call.

I hope this will help some of you and give you more time to spend enjoying the road rather than the internet. If you would like to call Primo plc and see how much time and money you could save give us a ring on 01702 225 400, ask to speak to Paul, Mike or Freda, and they will go through everything with you over the phone. Alternatively, you can fill out a quote form if it is out of hours and they will get back to you. Please click here if you prefer that option.

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