Summertime Safety

Most people think that insurance is only there to reimburse you when something goes wrong, of course, they are right to a certain degree. Insurance is usually only paid out after a misadventure but working for a top insurance brokerage you learn that a good broker will spend just as much time trying to help their clients avoid misadventures altogether, which is better for everyone, better for you as fewer claims can lead to cheaper premiums, better for the insurer fewer payouts against some risks means they can look at covering other risks and it's good for the broker because they know they've done a good job in helping you.

So in the spirit of avoiding accidents and with the good weather creeping ever closer let's take a moment to look at how to avoid silly accidents this summertime especially if you have children. Now the greatest thing about good weather is enjoying the great outdoors. Cycling, walking or enjoying sports and recreation may all be on your agenda this summer, let's take a look at some of the things you can do to help avoid those calamities.

1. Cycling - Going for rides in the glorious sunshine is something many families take advantage of in the summer. But have you thought about how your bike has suffered over the winter either sat in the garage or shed, perhaps you used it over the winter too? Regardless, a nice sunny day is a great time to give it a good once over checking things like your chain (tension, cogs and lubrication), cables, brakes, tyres (check the treads, sidewalls for any cracks and tyre pressures) and general working parts and giving it a little service will help ensure your bike is in tip-top condition and less likely to cause any problems.

2. Garden swings, slides and toys - These are all items that could benefit from a good check and service, things like swings and slides check they are clean and are secured firmly and that there is any damaged plastic or overly rusted fixings a good clean and a quick run round checking everything is nice and tight will serve you well. Garden toys will benefit from a good clean and to make sure there are no nasty surprises like bugs and broken sharp edges.

3. If you run a bouncy castle hire business now is probably the best time to check over all your equipment, nothing worse than turning up to a client's premises and finding your air blower isn't blowing or your bouncy castle has a tear in it. Many of FML's clients often check over their equipment on a more regular basis. Don't forget to have all your equipment safety checked at least once a year, PIPA testing is generally required annually as a requirement of your insurance provider.

Generally, any equipment you mainly use during the warmer months, both for yourself and your family, needs at least a good check up. From the walking boots on your feet to the cycle helmets you and your family wear on rides out. As the old saying goes prevention is more often than not better than a cure.

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