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Why Multi-Vehicle Owners are Rejoicing
Primo can arrange cover for all your vehicles on a single policy.

All on one simple single policy saving you time and money
It's not just private vehicle collectors; anyone who owns more than three vehicles is currently overjoyed at how much time and money the cover we arrange saves them.
If you own several vehicles, you know all too well how much of a pain arranging and getting cover can be, multiple policies, paperwork and, more often than not, different renewal dates, making insuring them a chore. When I tell you Primo can arrange your insurance, so you only have one renewal date and only one policy covering all the vehicles you own, that's a plus already, right?

So, how does this policy differ from other offerings such as multi-car policies? First and foremost, we build the insurance policy around the owner, not the vehicles, so the insurer is essentially covering YOU. As the Primo multi-vehicle page states, "You can't drive them all at once, so why insure them as if you do?" As I mentioned earlier, it's just one insurance policy, unlike multi-car policies, where you end up having a separate policy for each vehicle.

This brings me to the second point; it's not multi-car. Multi-car would suggest multiple cars, but this is multi-vehicle, which means cars, bikes, motorhomes and even small commercial vehicles, and they can be classics, custom or modified. Imagine for a moment you have a family saloon for the daily runaround, a classic convertible, your pride and joy you show at traditional car gatherings around the country, a couple of motorcycles and a camper you use when you go to your classic cars shows. Now, how much time does it take to shop around for the best deal on each of those vehicles?

Quite possibly, your collection is of military vehicles, or a group of weird and whacky racers, about the only vehicles you cannot have on this policy, is a collection of HGVs. Still, I'm sure the brokers can find you one. Best yet is you can even add your everyday runabout, and it may not cost you a penny more!

Now, as we all know, underwriters are a secretive bunch and will not tell us exactly how they calculate each premium. But what I can tell you is that it's driver rated, which means if you add another vehicle to your policy, in some cases, this will not increase the cost of the premium. However, the opposite is also true, and you could drop a vehicle from your policy and see no change in premium. I prefer the aforementioned adding vehicles; I want my list to grow and my collection to increase.

What our customers say

Dear Paul,

I'm happy to renew on the terms you indicate and ask you to proceed on that basis.

I want to say though, that its a real wrench for me at renewal time as I've got to weigh up cost versus the quality of support you and your team have given me over the years., and it's keeping that relationship that tips the balance for me.

Yourself, Freda and Mike have always been efficient and courteous and can find a way to meet my needs. As a result, I try to keep an open mind at renewal time and throughout the year, I recommend Primo plc to people I know.

Professionally I manage a fleet of 20 minibuses and have learned from years of experience that the broker can make or break the service, and in the years I've been with you - I've never had cause for complaint.

That's a bit of a ramble, but credit where it's due.

Best wishes and I hope you all keep well.

Regards Duncan

Clients of Primo aren't the only ones shouting about how good the cover is, motoring journalists and pundits are also talking about it. For example, some of you may have heard or even still follow Honest John's column in the Telegraph where he states,
"How often have you wished that you could insure several cars on a single policy and wondered why it was such a problem? I get a regular flow of e-mails on this subject, and so I was more than interested when I got a call from Paul Kirby of Primo."

We're pretty proud that we could work with insurers to arrange and offer this unique policy. We hope it will help many multi-vehicle owners arranging insurance less of a mountain to climb and more like a pleasant drive in the country.

Think this policy might be for you?

Then go ahead and give Primo a call on 01702 225430. Paul, Freda and Mike are always on hand to answer any questions you have. Alternatively, we have a new quote system built explicitly for multi-vehicle accessible from our website. Multi-Vehicle Insurance

We can arrange insurance cover for a wide range of risks.