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We would love to hear Primo plc multi-vehicle insurance team's thoughts on providing cover for these vehicles. Seriously, though, if you want to own a Ferrari that can drive down a canal then this is the way to go. But forget about balsa wood and modelling glue this took some serious work, carved out of pine over a 5 month period this little beauty weighs in at 2000 pounds in weight and isn't the first car of this type to be produced by its owner.

Homemade Wooden Ferrari Makes Waves In Venice

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THE watery city of Venice has banned cars but one lucky driver traverses the town in a Ferrari – made out of WOOD. Livio De Marchi spent five months whittling a block of pine into a Ferrari F50 – an Italian car fit for the Italian canals. The craftsman carefully carved the famous logo, rims and brake lights into the wood and added a Yamaha boat engine to power it through the water. The eye-catching vehicle, which weighs 2000 pounds, is a solitary motor in Venice’s waterways packed with gondolas, yachts and floating taxis.

Videographer / Director: Ben Churcher / Laurentiu Garofeanu

Producer: Nick Johnson

Editor: Kyle Waters

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